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Totoro bento box (#38)

23 Jun

I just received a new bento box from a Craftster swap I organized. Thank you Dancer4Ever for the awesome box. I packed a lunch today even though I wasn’t going anywhere. I used Brian’s fancy Nikon D90 to take these pictures so they came out pretty nice. Of course, I don’t know how to use it so it took me many tries and it’s still not professional. =)

The Totoros are sharing their acorn bounty.

In this bento we have summer squash casserole (recipe here), string beans, colby jack cheese, organic strawberries and red butter lettuce lining. The cheese Totoro letters were done using my new alphabet cutters that I also got in the swap.

Our (U.S.-Japan) Neighbor Totoro Bento (26)

31 Mar

I rushed to make a bento today so I could submit it to the Bento Battle put on by Japan Society. I made it in an hour, took photos, emailed it, and ran to class with moments to spare. I got home only to see that the deadline has been extended to April 5th! I was working so fast that I didn’t realize one of the soot sprite eyes were crooked when I took the picture. This is only my second character bento and was so much harder than the previous one because it had so many tiny pieces. Maybe I will submit another entry.. any ideas?

Here’s the flickr set with all the entries.

totoro and neko bus bento!

Totoro made following anna the red’s tutorial, which uses ground black sesame seeds to color Totoro. Neko Bus is made from an inari zushi wrapper, he actually has little feet but it’s hidden in the broccoli. If I had more time I would have cooked the broccoli. The little soot sprites are just rice balls wrapped with nori. All the little nori pieces kept going all over the place. There must be a secret to making them stick to cheese!