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Biking to Foster City

6 Jun

First off, food I made for Friday lunch were avocado summer rolls. They had avocado, sprouts, Thai basil, rice noodles, red butter lettuce, and pickled carrots.

avocado summer rolls

For Friday dinner, I got to visit Google!! I had some fantastic food and ate lots of snacks. I didn’t take any pictures because everything was new to me and I didn’t want to seem more out of place than I already was with my visitor sticker. We ate at No Name Cafe, which features a seasonal vegetarian menu. Since it was dinner service, they also had meat. The vegetarian theme was Thai food and their curry and coconut rice were amazing. I also had shrimp scampi, stir fry broccoli, green peas in shell, buttered toasts with Manchego cheese and goat cheese brie, cherry chocolate chip cookies, whipped Greek yogurt mousse with honey and blackberries, and some vegan mango smoothie. Everything was yummy and from fresh ingredients.

approximate path, the whole trip was 14 miles!

On Saturday, we went biking. Starting out I was full of energy. We biked through the streets of San Mateo until we reached the start of the Bay Trail where we were able to leave traffic (biking in traffic makes me nervous). The area by the trail head was great for picnic-ing because there were grassy areas, picnic benches and even a man made sand area with shaded spots. There were lots of families out enjoying the sun.

The trail was great! Not crowded but not desolate either and most importantly, not hilly. It’s right by the water so the scenery was nice and there was a great breeze. Although the water was pretty brown when we started out (low tide), it turned a much nicer blue as it got deeper. We could see many wind surfers and kite surfers in the water since it was a super windy spot.

there were probably 3x more in the water than this pic

Our destination goal was Foster City because there was a park there where we were going to have lunch. To our delight, we found a festival in that very park! It was a pretty standard festival/street fair/carnival set up with kiddie rides, booths to shop at, food stands, local community organizations, etc. We got to explore an ambulance, look at all the compartments of a fully stocked fire truck, shop around and finally we found a nice gazebo along the lake away from all the noise to have lunch. Luckily we brought our own food because otherwise we would be tempted to get expensive unhealthy carnival food like funnel cake!

foster city festival

Here’s the food we brought with us. We got it in a supermarket in San Mateo so it was cheap. The spicy tuna sushi was really, really good because it had masago (fish eggs) and scallions in it. We also got spam musubi, a salmon onigiri and a kombu (seaweed) onigiri.

sushi lunch

While lunching we watched a dragon boat team practice rowing. They didn’t have a drummer so the guy was yelling his throat out counting the strokes for them.

We saw a flag that looked like a fail whale so we called it the fail whale boat. Someone should make a fail whale boating company.

When we were biking home, the wind had picked up considerably. It was pushing against us so it was a really difficult bike home. We were really tired and my butt was killing me (crappy bike seat). It was such a relief to make it home. I was sweating so much that I immediately changed into my swim suit and took a dip in the pool. It felt amazing.

For dinner we went over to Anya’s potluck cheesecake party. We made a Korean spinach side dish because had a whole plastic shopping bag full of fresh spinach from the CSA share. Look at how much spinach there was.

After blanching it, squeezing it dry and mixing it with the sauce, we were left with a much smaller volume. We followed Maangchi’s recipe for sigeumchi naumul.

We finished our meal with the strawberry parfait cheesecake that Anya spent hours making. It was amazingly good and put everyone into a food coma.

strawberry parfait cheesecake

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

2 May

We had Vietnamese banh mi for dinner last night which led me to crave Vietnamese summer rolls. The rolls were perfect for today because it was 85 degrees! A light lunch or appetizer, these rolls are refreshing and satisfying to eat. Low in fat and customizable to what crispy veggies you have in the fridge. You can even make these vegetarian by subbing in mushrooms or marinated tofu. A dipping sauce is a must since these rolls depend only on its ingredients for flavor.

Yummy summer roll innards.

What you need:
Rice paper rounds (found in dry noodle aisle of Asian supermarket)
Large dish of warm water to dip rice paper rounds

Filling: (at room temperature or chilled)
– rice stick noodles, cooked, rinsed under cold water and drained
– cucumber cut into sticks (mandolin helps)
– carrot cut into sticks
– mung bean sprouts
– fresh Asian (Thai) basil, chopped
– shrimp, shelled, deveined, boiled and sliced in half
– jalapenos, sliced (optional)

PB Dipping Sauce: (approximates)
– 3 Tbsp peanut butter (I used chunky)
– 1 tsp vinegar (I used rice)
– 1/2 tsp fish sauce (strong! may want to start with less)
– 1 tsp hoisin sauce
– 1/4 tsp sirracha sauce
– 1/2 tsp sugar
– 1 tsp sesame oil
– water to thin

1. Dip rice paper rounds into dish of warm water for ~30 seconds and moisten both sides. Paper may still be stiff when you start filling but should be soften by the time you roll. If you dip for too long, it will rip. You’ll get a better feel for it as you go.

2. Lay moisten rice paper on flat surface. Place shrimp cut side up horizontally at center of round and lay other fillings on top as desired, ending with rice noodle. Fold up bottom flap. Fold in side flaps. Roll like a burrito.

3. Slice diagonally and serve with dipping sauce. To make dipping sauce, mix all ingredients until smooth. Leftovers should be wrapped with plastic wrap.

tasty shrimp with fresh veggies