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Tartine Bakery, CSA, and Bento 40

3 Jul

We’re going camping this weekend!! Look forward to an update with lots of camping goodness since it’s my first time camping. We’re going car camping though so it’s not truly camping but it’s a good start.

I went to Tartine Bakery to pick up two loaves of my favorite bread in the world, sourdough walnut bread. We’re bringing it camping to make sandwiches for hiking and for general nomming. It’s amazing by itself but goes great with manchego cheese. While there, I also picked up a sandwich for dinner and dessert. Tartine is overpriced but it’s so delicious. I’m sure I’ll get tired of overpaying soon but there’s still so many things I want to try! They ran out of almond croissants though. I was so sad. Those are amazing. Well, it’s another excuse to go back!

look at the size of this thing!! ~$7

spicy turkey pesto panini $13.50

seasonal fruit tart with pluots $5.50

Here’s a bento I made this week, nothing really special. Rice ball “cupcakes” with purple furikake “sprinkles”, grilled makerel and sweet egg leftovers, cabbage omelette and a strawberry.

bento 40

Our 6th CSA share! Only 3 more left before our subscription runs out.

CSA share 6

This week we got:
strawberries – bringing camping
red butter leaf lettuce
romaine lettuce
golden beets
parsley root + parsley
cipollinni onions
cherry tomatoes – bringing camping

close up

glistening strawberries

Totoro bento box (#38)

23 Jun

I just received a new bento box from a Craftster swap I organized. Thank you Dancer4Ever for the awesome box. I packed a lunch today even though I wasn’t going anywhere. I used Brian’s fancy Nikon D90 to take these pictures so they came out pretty nice. Of course, I don’t know how to use it so it took me many tries and it’s still not professional. =)

The Totoros are sharing their acorn bounty.

In this bento we have summer squash casserole (recipe here), string beans, colby jack cheese, organic strawberries and red butter lettuce lining. The cheese Totoro letters were done using my new alphabet cutters that I also got in the swap.

CSA Share 3

11 Jun

This is what we got for week 3 of our CSA membership.

click for notes

The share looks smaller this week but it was heavier!

We got:
summer squash – 3 funky shaped ones
strawberries – each week they’re getting bigger and darker
butter lettuce – baby head means no bitterness, yummy!
red butter lettuce – I think, it might be red leaf, looks like a cross
parsley – more!?! I realized I really hate parsley.. even more than cilantro. Anyone want free parsley?
tuscan kale – looks gorgeous! kale is so tasty.
bacon avocados – oooOoOOoOh, we got FOUR
oyster mushrooms – yay! shrooms!

avocados, oyster mushrooms and summer squash

We have a lot of summer squash piling up. Turns out Brian doesn’t like them and I don’t love them. I wish we had a grill because I liked them grilled but I just end up pan frying them. Any ideas? I have a squash gratin recipe but I don’t know how that will turn out. I could also make lasagna but that would be way too much food for 2 people and not likely something we want twice.

I never heard of Bacon Avocados before so I looked it up. Apparently they’re “light tasting” so I’m assuming they’ll be less rich than the Hass Avocado. I do know that I don’t love Florida avocados. I don’t know if that’s the official name but they’re the ones commonly grown in Florida and are the giant smooth skinned green ones. The flavor does not compare to Californian strains.

Going to Google tonight with Amanda. Might go strawberry picking this weekend! Looks like it’s going to be a warmer weekend, yay!

New Things (CSA Week 2)

4 Jun

We’re trying really hard to cook and eat in during the week and so far it’s going well. I was tempted to go have sushi for dinner tonight but ended up making noodles in peanut sauce. I sort of followed the recipe from here but subbed in water + dashi powder for the chicken stock, used less garlic, left out the ginger, and added a splash of sesame oil. Really simple and delicious. I served it with a mix of udon and yakisoba noodles because that’s all we had left. We tossed in some carrots and zucchini sauted with the scallions. The strawberries were gifted to us from my cousin and her husband because they managed to get a flat of strawberries for $5 somewhere along the road! Half flats were selling for $15 at the Ferry market!! They scored a major deal and the strawberries were sweet too. These are the last of them and we had to eat them because they were getting too ripe. The red romaine in the background are the last of the huge bag we got in CSA share 1 last week.

Yesterday I found an excuse to use the slow cooker I got from the thrift store for $10. I made slow cooked Bolognese sauce using this recipe. I left out the carrots, celery and nutmeg because I didn’t have any on hand and used a large onion instead. I also didn’t use any wine because Brian didn’t have a wine bottle opener even though he has wine. Erfs. The only thing I added was a small can of tomato paste for a rich tomato flavor. The sauce was so good. Make sure you leave the lid off for the last half hour or so for it to reduce and thicken up. Yum. I froze about two quarts of it for future noms.

We went back to Walmart and got our bikes and the bike carrier. We hooked up the carrier to the trunk of the car and loaded the bikes on. Luckily, they both fit! We were scared that they wouldn’t due to their shock absorbing frame design.  I was really scared the whole way home that they were going to fall off the care but the carrier held up surprisingly well. Mine’s the purple (24″ wheels) and Brian’s is the same in red (26″ wheels). Mine is considered a “youth” bike but hey, I’m short.

aww, they match.. kind of. (ignore the mess)

We used the bikes to pick up our veggies!

CSA share of veggies

Here’s our share of CSA (2nd week) produce. Doesn’t look like much but it’s actually a LOT of stuff volume wise. I forgot to include the box of strawberries in the picture because I already put it in the fridge. I’m not too happy with our share this week because it’s mostly all green stuff, which are sometimes bitter (like last week’s red romaine). Hopefully we’ll get better stuff as the summer progresses.

Here’s what we got (click on pic for notes):
– 1 box strawberries
– Chantenay carrots
– baby summer squash
– huge bag of spinach
– bigger red romaine lettuce (probably bitter)
– red butter lettuce (slightly bitter with buttery notes)
– arugula (bitter + spicy notes)
– agretti (totally new veggie for us, no idea what it is but supposed to be like sour grass??)
– bunch of cilantro (hidden)

Any ideas on how to eat all this besides raw? Here are some ideas I have so far.. lettuces + arugula salads, cilantro + last week’s parsley walnut pesto, squash pesto pasta salad, agretti sesame salad (like the Japanese seaweed salad), agretti parathas..

I really need a spinach recipe guys!! Please help me out. I want something that will cook up that whole bag so I don’t have to deal with it. Or at least half the bag so I can blanch the rest and freeze it. I like palek paneer but don’t have the ingredients to make it and I don’t love creamed spinach. Thanks!

Happy Mother’s Day!

10 May

I cooked mango nutella crepes for my mom this morning. This was my first time making crepes but they came out really tasty. Only bad thing was that my mom wanted to wait until everyone got one to eat so they were not crispy. They’re meant to be eaten right out of the pan. Anyway, it was delicious!! Super easy too because you mix the batter the night before.

crepes with nutella, mango and fresh whipped cream

I followed the crepe recipe from Mike’s Table but left out the zest by accident. Only killed one crepe by flipping too soon (it ripped) then my dad was helping and killed two more.. haha. Spread the Nutella on once it’s flipped and add mangoes.  The mangoes were Champagne mangoes that are on sale now. Top with more mangoes, freshly whipped cream and shredded sweetened coconut.

We also had biscuits (Grand’s) with strawberry jam and faux sausage patties (Gimme Lean). I usually would scramble some eggs too to go with sausage but we had eggs for breakfast yesterday.

mother's day breakfast

For dinner I made Kabocha Squash Lasagna, a vegetarian dish. I followed this recipe by Gavan Murphy. It came out really nice and satisfying. Make sure you add salt and pepper to the veggies and the ricotta mixture and taste. Mine was a tiny but under salted. We also had steak on the side.

kabocha squash lasagna

Mother’s day isn’t complete without a cake! I went for something simple and made Strawberry Cotton Cake by Life as an h4. What a simple recipe! I whipped it up in less than 15 minutes and it only baked for 30 minutes. Looked and tasted JUST like the Chinese bakery sponge cakes wrapped in paper (zi bao dang gou). I had no idea what cotton cake was but I trusted this blogger, she has great recipes. This recipe is also available in Chinese with more pictures (click on her cakes link). I left out the strawberry liquor (didn’t have) and added toasted coconut extract to the cream.

cotton cake with strawberries and coconut whipped cream

slice of yumminess