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Bro’s birthday dinner

30 Jul

Some different foods we made today for Jason’s dinner.

Baked Italian style eggplant sticks. Marinate eggplant in Italian dressing, roll in seasoned bread crumbs, and bake.
baked eggplant sticks

Udon noodle stir fry with faux crab, cucumber, pork, and egg.
udon stir fry

Teriyaki spam musubi. First time making it! Yum. Couldn’t eat the spam by itself though, waaay too salty.
spam musubi

Something my dad bought from Chinatown. Pinecone? Squid? No, it’s fish. O_O You’re supposed to dump a sweet and spicy sauce over it.
fried pinecone fish

A lovely bento made with leftover spam musubi, broccoli, wasabi peas, mini marshmallows and peach slices.

My First Bento!

8 Jul

My first official bento! I made this two weeks ago actually but haven’t had the time to post it due to vacation and stuff.

I made it using leftovers from a Hawaiian restaurant in San Mateo, CA. I ate it on the flight home to New York so this bento’s pretty special.
Spam Katsu and rice with some sweet dark sauce I forgot the name of. Oops. It was good. Much better than the $8 HALF sandwiches they were selling on the plane (Virgin America). We got unlimited drinks though, that was nice :).

Isn’t the penguin so cute! Truth be told, I felt a little immature about the penguin on my lunch box while the lady next to me was drinking her $3 beer..