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Bento 3

22 Jan

Work tomorrow so bento for lunch. Nothing exciting unfortunately because I was lazy and just packed leftovers. New box though, Mamegoma box that I bought in California.

bento 3
Rice, beef pot roast (cooked in the slow cooker) with gravy, some type of spinach, homemade Chinese sausage (very difficult to make btw), and veggies cooked with the roast (potatoes, carrots, etc).
bento 3 top

Bento 2

20 Jan

Classes tonight so simple bento for dinner. It would be strange to bust out 2 tiered boxes in the middle of class. Luckily, first class ended really early so I had more than a half hour to eat it. Normally there will be only 10 minutes between classes. If anyone knows how to present sandwiches better in bentos, please let me know. Looks really bland here.

bento 2
Roast beef sandwich on Chinese bakery square toast with lettuce, olive oil mayo and a slice of cheddar. Tomatoes on the side.

Last of tomatoes and roast beef sammich

7 Sep

A lovely, shiney picture of the last (okay, maybe second to last) batch of tomatoes from my plants.

tomatoes last batch

They were so pretty I had to share. Ate some in a roast beef sandwich with basil, mayo, country dijon mustard, and lettuce. Yum.

sandwich roast beef