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New year = more bento? I hope..

19 Jan

Making and bringing bento boxes for me is my way of saving money, portioning my meals and getting to cook in my otherwise hectic life. My days usually either consists of working late hours or evening classes which mean I would either have to bring food, buy food (expensive near NYU and mostly unhealthy near work), or go hungry (not an option since I start feeling nauseated when I skip meals). Soooo, I hope to get back to bento-ing. If I remember to post them here, they’ll probably be just pictures and a description of what’s in the box.

Since it’s 2010, let’s keep count of each bento so I can be motivated to keep the number growing.


bento #1
Bottom tier: mini egg tart, baked mochiko chicken (recipe by hapa bento), tonkatsu sauce in kitty.
Top tier: rice cooked with wasabi furikake, kimchi, chinese greens, enoki mushrooms.
Not shown: travel mug of chestnut green tea (lupicia), 6 white chocolate melts, 2 sweeties (clementines).

bento #1 top

Sushi.. better this time.

5 Mar

I was craving sushi so I decided to make sushi with raw salmon this time. Half a pound of wild salmon was ~$8 so it’s not cheap but for the amount of sushi it’s cheaper than eating out. I got the fish from the local fish monger who said it was safe to consume raw.

I took a lot of pics so here they are. If you have any questions, leave a comment!

The salmon:
sushi salmon

Eggs, ham, avocados:
sushi prep2

Crab, cucumber, blanched carrots:
salmon prep1

Cooling seasoned rice, soy sauce, soy with wasabi and spicy mayo (garlic sirracha and kewpie mayo):
sushi rice and sauces

Salmon nigiri:
sushi salmon nigiri

Left: Salmon rolls with spicy mayo sauce, cucumbers and avocados. Right: My family’s “California Roll” which has crab, ham, cucumbers, carrots, avocados and eggs.
sushi rolls

Salmon hand rolls with spicy mayo sauce, cucumbers, and avocados. These were really good.
sushi salmon handrolls


23 Sep

A glass of horchata in bright light.

I’ve always wanted to taste horchata ever since I read about it on some food blogs. Recently my special someone has been buying and drinking a lot of horchata since it’s readily available in supermarkets in California. So that made me look up a recipe and make some myself. He says his doesn’t even have nuts in it (since he’s allergic) so his is a probably a more Americanized version, basically cinnamon flavored rice milk. Horchata is like a cross between a rice milk and almond milk with cinnamon.

horchata ingredients

I found this recipe on The Food Section website and it looked promising. I followed the recipe pretty much completely except I used 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract because I don’t have vanilla beans. The result was a very refreshing, sweet drink to enjoy for the start of fall. =) I probably won’t be making this often even though I enjoy it because it uses so many almonds.. nuts are not cheap. I saved the dreads so maybe I can make something out of that. Any ideas? I also want to try making a drink out of store bought rice flour and an almond drink mix (sweetened and with milk powder). Hopefully it’ll taste the same.

horchata 2
Horchata in dim lighting.

Bro’s birthday dinner

30 Jul

Some different foods we made today for Jason’s dinner.

Baked Italian style eggplant sticks. Marinate eggplant in Italian dressing, roll in seasoned bread crumbs, and bake.
baked eggplant sticks

Udon noodle stir fry with faux crab, cucumber, pork, and egg.
udon stir fry

Teriyaki spam musubi. First time making it! Yum. Couldn’t eat the spam by itself though, waaay too salty.
spam musubi

Something my dad bought from Chinatown. Pinecone? Squid? No, it’s fish. O_O You’re supposed to dump a sweet and spicy sauce over it.
fried pinecone fish

A lovely bento made with leftover spam musubi, broccoli, wasabi peas, mini marshmallows and peach slices.

Boring Bentos

29 Jul

More bentos made for today from leftovers. Pics are kinda sucky because it was dark already. =/

Rice with oven fried chicken drumstick (recipe will be posted later). Yogurt with craisins and banana slices. This was for my brother. Today’s his birthday! Will post the awesome cake later. You MUST see that post.

Sister’s lunch of spaghetti and meatballs.

Sister’s snack box of same yogurt and some sliced grapes.

My simple box of spaghetti, a chocolate covered bananas and ovaltine doggy cookies (see recipe below).

Leftovers lunch box and snack box

26 Jul

Dinner leftovers of rice, thinly sliced store bought marinated pork, bok choy, fish paste stuffed peppers (peppers from my garden!). Top layer has vanilla yogurt, strawberries, bananas and granola. And of course, the yummy soy milk. Box made by my sister for her lunch.

7-24-08 rice veg leftover

Here’s the snack box I made for my self since all I do is bum around at home. Same yogurt and fruits. Other layer has baby carrots, homemade hummus (which tasted bad!), and mixed nuts with golden raisins. Yum.

7-24-08 snack box

Two bentos and Tempura Jalapeno Poppers

11 Jul

My sister and I made bentos for lunch today. She made one to bring to school and I made one for our younger brother. It took quite a while but it was fun. They came out quite pretty I think considering this was my sister’s first time making a bento box.

My sister’s box:
Contents: bottom has ham and cheese flying pig on bed of rice and cucumber and carrot garden; top has dried cranberries, plum slices, cucumbers, chicken strips and a piece of chocolate.


Here’s the one I made for my brother.
Contents: bottom has two mushroom caps with cheese, dried pork tamagoyaki (i make it with soba sauce and sweet soy sauce), and chunks of cucumber; top has cubes of colored and plain rice, ham, cucumber and carrot sticks.
Close up:

I went to the Sunrise Mart in Soho for the first time today. Sunrise Mart sold tons of Japanese groceries, snacks, drinks, cookware, bento boxes, prepared sushi and bento boxes to eat in store or for take out. It was great, the prices were cheap but they were reasonable. They even had prepackaged onigiri in different flavors for only $2 a piece! I highly recommend a visit. Check them out on yelp.com here.

So after having some spicy tuna sushi and a strawberry Calpico yogurt drink with a good friend of mine, I walked around and bought a tempura batter mix and panko (Japanese bread crumbs). I knew there were several jalapenos in my pot-garden that were ready to be eaten. So I went home and made jalapeno poppers – tempura style.

jalapeno poppers
There are two eggplants in there because I had extra batter left.

I didn’t measure anything but here’s what I did. I cut four large jalapenos in half after removing the stems and removed all the seeds and membranes with my BARE fingers. Unfortunately, I forgot this fact and touched my eye for the briefest of moments. Instantly I felt like my eye was on fire. My stupidity didn’t end there because while tearing up in pain, I removed my contact with my fingers instead of asking someone else to do it. This resulted in 100 times more stinging and pain. I had to stand with my eye pride open under running water for almost 15 minutes before it stopped burning. So this serves a warning to you.

Anyways, after that scenario, I mixed together about 4 tbsp cream cheese, 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar jack cheese, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp onion powder and a dash of salt. I filled the jalapeno halves with this cheesy mixture, dipped them in the tempura batter made from the mix, dredged them in panko and then fried them in oil until golden brown. I probably will make this again soon, maybe with different fillings. It was really good.