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Aloe Restaurant Review

5 Mar

Aloe stands for A Little Of Everything. I went only because it sounded good and I got a $25 gift certificate for only $2 from restaurant.com with the only restriction of minimum $35 and 18% gratuity. So I went with my sister when she was canvasing the lower east side for her internship. That day was sooo cold so it was nice to sit down to a yummy meal.

The restaurant was empty except for two other ladies when we entered and there was only ONE guy we saw working the restaurant, heck he could have been the chef as well. Ambiance was nice, dim and cozy with a rustic brick wall and wine racks. Don’t sit upstairs, there are only three tables, all visible from the outside and is very dead. Downstairs looks much better.

I ordered the crispy duck with gingerbread waffles and it was delicious. I only wish it didn’t cool down so fast, wasn’t as satisfying at room temperature. I blame the plate, it was not hot enough! The duck was cooked perfectly, medium as per my request and the waffles paired very well with the duck. My dish also came with what I thought were baby potatoes but it turned out to be parsnips (I think they were parsnips).

Sorry the pics suck! It was very dark.
aloe duck

My sister ordered the roast brisket which also cooled down very quickly. It came with mushrooms and what we decided were sweet potatoes. They could have been carrots, for some reason we could not tell. =/ how sad. But they were delicious, slightly sweet and very savory in the sauce.

aloe beef brisket

The portions were very decent and we were glad we didn’t order an appetizer even though I really wanted to try the sweet and spicy calamari everyone was raving about on yelp. The service was excellent. The prices would have been unaffordable for me without the discount. However, restaurant.com offers the 80% sale quite often so grab some certificates when you see it.