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Earth Day

22 Apr

I didn’t realize today was Earth Day because I was confused by Earth Week. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if today was Earth Day or if tomorrow is Earth Day because EVERYDAY should be Earth Day. Earth Day is one day to promote respect towards mother Earth and the creatures who live on this planet, including yourself. You should take this opportunity to reflect on how environmentally green you live your life. I am very aware of how I could be damaging our planet with my choices and behaviors. No one is perfect but I do try my best. We live in a world where convenience tops all and there is simply too much waste. Everything you buy comes with waste in the form of packaging and while that’s unavoidable, you can do your part by reusing and recycling.

Easy things I do to be more green that you can try too:

1. Always carry a reusable shopping back. Choose paper over plastic. Reuse plastic shopping bags for trash or pet waste.
2. Recycle! Paper, plastic, metal, electronics, batteries..
3. Reduce:use less of everything if you can. If you don’t need to print the document, don’t. I hate printing out stuff when I can just read it on my computer. Granted, that’s probably why my eyes are so bad..
4. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse! I save plastic containers to store odds and ends, grow my plants in (see previous post), etc. Check if the plastic is safe to reuse for food, some are not. I even save soap free water used to rinse not so dirty dishes to water my plants. When things are at the end of their life, recycle. If something is perfectly usable, donate it or post it on Freecycle instead of dumping it in the trash.
5. Along with use less of everything: take shorter showers, retro-fit your toilet to be low flush.
6. I always carry my own BPA free water bottle. I recommend Thermos Intak. Super leak proof and no funky smells or tastes. I stopped buying water bottles.
7. Use bento boxes and pack your own food. Saves you from all the fat and salt from restaurant foods anyway. Laptop lunch boxes are great systems and are convenient.
8. Grow your own food! Eat less meat! If you don’t know about how damaging the agriculture and meat industry is to the Earth and animals, read Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan or The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason or just watch Food Inc.! You will be shocked by the truth.
9. Use energy efficient light bulbs.
10. Unplug electronics you don’t use on a daily basis.
11. Buy less stuff. Earth day has turned into a giant commercial holiday. Don’t be sucked into buying a brand new “green” item unless you will really use it and it is truly green (made from recycled products). Otherwise, you are just allowing companies to create more waste.
12. Get crafty, make stuff instead of buying it. Need a grocery bag? There are tons of tutorials online to help you make one. Check out Instructables. Join the DIY movement.

Make the world less of a place where birds die with plastic filled stomachs or oceans have islands of floating garbage and more of a place where you can preserve this and this.

If you have more ideas to share, post a comment. Thanks for listening. Spread the word.