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Picnic at Vasona Lake

16 Jun

We crashed got invited to a picnic outing/biking event at Vasona Lake Park on Sunday. It was a party consisting of several families who’s parents knew each other from college. Everybody brought food, bikes and other fun things to do. It was a gorgeous hot day and there were lots of people enjoying the park. The park was big enough that it didn’t feel crowded at all. One of the families went super early to reserve a bunch of picnic tables that were right by the lake yet under shade. They set up a bunch of chairs right in front of the water and the breeze felt so good.

bikes mounted to car, ready to go!

our tables loaded with food

the lakeside deck

our view, we could walk into the water if we wanted to

You could even rent peddle boats and kayaks for $15/hr along with other stuff. People were paddling surf board type things while standing and there was a sail boat. There were lots of dogs in boats too!

chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake

I made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. The cookie dough was from scratch, the cake and frosting from a box/tub. They came out great! The key is to freeze the dough completely and then not over bake so the cookie doesn’t cook. I followed this recipe. After food some of us played ultimate frisbee but most of us were out of shape that we only scored 2 goals (tie game) before we quit. It was too hot to keep going anyway.

water guns = refreshing

Then water guns came out to cool everyone down. After more food, drinks and sunblock, we biked around the lake. We went about halfway then turned back because not everyone was experienced enough to go all the way. After relaxing on the deck and playing with bubbles, we started a water balloon toss. Once we had a winner, it was free for all. For some reason my balloons don’t pop when they hit people, they just bounce off them!

When balloons hit me though, they popped.. 2 on my shorts! Brian wasn’t playing and was taking pictures instead. After a group photo, one of the adults took a water balloon that he saved without anyone knowing and popped it while pretending to give Brian a hug. Since I was standing right by him, I got splashed too.. gee thanks!

the aftermath

Thanks Amanda for inviting us to the picnic!!!

And here are some pictures of what we ate on Saturday at Maru Ichi in Mountain View.

hiyashi chuka - cold noodle salad

kuru ramen, california roll, gyoza

Both were really good. Kuru Ramen is blacked or roasted garlic soup based ramen. The pork was super soft and melts in your mouth. The cali roll wasn’t great but the pot stickers weren’t bad. Beware, that yellow stuff on the side of the hiyashi chuka is horseradish/wasabi. I didn’t know what it was so I tasted it. It buuuurned. Not smart.

Ramen and Froyo

15 May

Tonkotsu Ramen - Pork Bone broth with Roast Pork, Bean Sprout, Bamboo Shoot, Scallion, Ginger

My girl cousins and I went to eat ramen tonight. There are lots and lots of ramen houses in East Village. Unfortunately, the only real ramen house I’ve been to in New York is Momofuku’s Noodle Bar.  It was okay but not as good as the ones I’ve had in California.  This time we went to Menkui Tei, a much cheaper choices than Momofuku’s but just as tasty. I actually think this one is better because it was simply delicious. I had the tonkotsu ramen (my favorite) and the only thing that wasn’t too great about it was the addition of ginger slivers. I don’t know why they added that because it’s not traditional. It started off pretty good but in the end, all the ginger sunk to the bottom and the last bites of noodle were ruined by the ginger. Otherwise, the broth was deliciously well done and the pork was tender, tasty, and not excessively fatty.

Menkui Ramen - Seaweed broth with Roast Pork, Bean Sprout, Bamboo Shoot, Scallions

Ponzu Ramen - citrus based soy broth

I didn’t get to try the other ramens but they looked and smelled good! They also have curry ramen made with Japanese golden curry. Though the food and prices were yummy (I want to try their drinks next time), the service kinda sucked. There were only 2 waiters for the whole restaurant that I could see and they were really strange. They would check up on us at the oddest times.. like when we were waiting for the food we ordered. “Everything okay?” while we’re waiting for food is very abnormal.. um yes, we’re okay sitting here waiting for our food?? Plus our party arrived separately but we had to ask for water glasses and chopsticks every time even though they came over and saw that a new person had sat down.

After dinner, we walked over to 16 Handles, the frozen yogurt shop because I had a Groupon to use up. It was $16 worth of froyo for only $8 but the coupon had to be used up in one shot which made it perfect for a group visit. We ended up spending $22 for 5 people which is a little pricey if we didn’t have the coupon. It was my first time at 16 Handles and I wasn’t too impressed. I liked the original tart and Euro tart but red velvet melted too fast, mango had artificial sweeteners (eww), and the cheesecake flavor was totally off and texture was icy. They do have a lot of great toppings but I always go for fruit and mochi. They have lychees!! From a can, sure, but still tasty. I might give them another try but so far I like Red Mango and Pinkberry more.

froyo machines.. 16 flavors!

We started eating before I remembered to take a picture so here’s the best shot.

froyo goodness

Momofuku night

31 Jan

My sister treated me to a night of Momofuku goodness at the Noodle Bar and Milk Bar for my birthday. I haven’t had a lot of free time to post so things are piling up but here are some pictures. We had really good seats at the open kitchen bar so we watched the chefs and sous chefs make everything in front of use.

momofuku menu
The one page menu. Options are very limited here but that’s okay because everything’s interesting. More options/specials on the walls and they have a four course prix fixe for $30.

pork buns
The famous pork buns meet the hype. It’s a must try, really delicious.

momofuku ramen
We both got the Momofuku noodle bowl. Fresh noodles with pork, semi poached egg, scallion, nori, naruto, and bamboo? It was okay, a little better with siracha sauce but don’t add too much because it gets super spicy! I’ve had better ramen at other places.

Then we headed over to the Milk bar only a few blocks away (next to Ssam).
milk bar
The fridge case with the cakes and pies.

crack pie
Crack pie = sugary buttery gooey goodness in a crust. So good.

flavored milk
This is why it’s the milk bar, they serve cereal flavored milk. It’s pricey though so we didn’t try it. They also have soft serve (in cereal and other flavors) and smoothies made from soft serve.

chocolate malt cake
Chocolate malt cake with marshmallows and malt balls inside. Gooey and dense chocolate goodness. I’m not a huge chocolate fan but my sister ordered this.

We also ordered the compost cookie, cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie and blueberry cream cookie. OMG these were great. My favorite was the blueberry cream cookie because it was like having a scone with milk in cookie form. No great picture of the cookies but there are lots if you google it. Martha Stewart also has the blueberry cookie recipe directly from the chef at Milk bar so I will have to test that out soon. Calls for glucose and European butter! Luckily I think Trader Joe’s has Irish butter but I’m not sure if I will be able to easily get glucose. Apparently Wilton’s makes it so hopefully the candy supply store near me (Choc-Oh-Lot Plus) will have it.