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Quinoa Bento (29)

12 Apr

I finally made another bento. It seems like it’s been so long since my last one.

Quinoa bento

Quinoa with crimson raisins and toasted walnuts. It would be vegetarian except that it’s cooked in chicken stock. Sweet pepper strips, cucumbers and strawberries round up the box. I think there’s too much green in this box, some darker green lining would have worked better. Or a different item instead of cucumbers. Yummy meal but it wasn’t filling enough. I should of added protein even though the quinoa has protein, it wasn’t enough.

Bento challenge wise: I don’t seem to be able to make cute bento boxes often. Sure I can make them appealing looking but I can’t seem to be bothered with adding in a cute cheese cutout on top of that quinoa. It takes too much time to think of a theme and then draw it and cut it out. Otherwise, good day today.

Bento 7 & 8

4 Feb

Lack of time to update so two bentos for you this time. Laptop lunch was yesterday’s dinner at work and onigiri were for class today.

bento 7
Quinoa pilaf with veggies, chicken and walnuts, salad with Trader Joe’s goddess dressing, cucumbers and tomatoes, veggie straws (rosemary), string cheese.

bento 8
Wasabi mayo tuna onigiri with furikake. Nori on the side for wrapping. I didn’t expect to eat all three because I don’t usually eat that much rice but I was hungry and class was boring.