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Olympic Mascot Mukmuk Bento

2 Mar

I was inspired by hapa bento’s Olympic mascot Miga Bento so I set out to make my own. Mukmuk is my favorite mascot closely followed by Sumi. I chose Mukmuk mainly because he seemed easy to re-create. This was my first charaben (character bento) so I’m pretty proud of how well it came out.

mukmuk bento

Mukmuk’s body is made of yaki onigiri or soy sauce grilled rice ball. His hat is cheddar and mozzarella cheese (dyed blue). His face is more cheese and hand cut nori. His belly is wheat germ because I didn’t know what else to put. Underneath him is a layer of roast pork and onion egg scramble and he’s surrounded by broccoli, carrots and red pepper flowers. A well rounded, delicious meal.

mukmuk bento2

I hope you like it!

Beijing Olympics 2008

10 Aug

Being a Chinese American, the Beijing Olympics is especially riveting this year. For those of you who watched the opening ceremony last night, you know what I mean. The performances, choreography, mechanics, lights, fireworks, and especially the manpower was stunning. Each scene involved 2008 individual performers and there were no repeats between scenes. Zhang Yimou, the director of the opening ceremony truly has the skills to create such an amazing show. He also produced Hero, House of the Flying Daggers, and Not One Less. (Not One Less is dear to me because it was my club’s educational video about the lack of education in rural China). The whole ceremony made me proud.

Tonight I managed to catch women’s beach volleyball (US vs Japan; US won), mens swimming, women’s swimming, some gymnastics, a men’s indoor volleyball (US vs Venezuela). Dana Torres (swimming) got a silver medal and will try for gold in another event. Michael Phelps (swimming) got his first gold this year. Can you believe that he is 23?? That means he won all his medals (6 golds + more) by the 2004 olympics when he was 19! Amazing. The men’s volleyball game was intense! Team USA won the first two sets then Venezuela won the next two with each point being gained alternately. Very, very intense final set. The US team won.

I hope to have the time to watch some more games.
Meiguo jiayou! Zhongguo jiayou!

Olympic Mascots (Fuwa)