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Ramen and Froyo

15 May

Tonkotsu Ramen - Pork Bone broth with Roast Pork, Bean Sprout, Bamboo Shoot, Scallion, Ginger

My girl cousins and I went to eat ramen tonight. There are lots and lots of ramen houses in East Village. Unfortunately, the only real ramen house I’ve been to in New York is Momofuku’s Noodle Bar.  It was okay but not as good as the ones I’ve had in California.  This time we went to Menkui Tei, a much cheaper choices than Momofuku’s but just as tasty. I actually think this one is better because it was simply delicious. I had the tonkotsu ramen (my favorite) and the only thing that wasn’t too great about it was the addition of ginger slivers. I don’t know why they added that because it’s not traditional. It started off pretty good but in the end, all the ginger sunk to the bottom and the last bites of noodle were ruined by the ginger. Otherwise, the broth was deliciously well done and the pork was tender, tasty, and not excessively fatty.

Menkui Ramen - Seaweed broth with Roast Pork, Bean Sprout, Bamboo Shoot, Scallions

Ponzu Ramen - citrus based soy broth

I didn’t get to try the other ramens but they looked and smelled good! They also have curry ramen made with Japanese golden curry. Though the food and prices were yummy (I want to try their drinks next time), the service kinda sucked. There were only 2 waiters for the whole restaurant that I could see and they were really strange. They would check up on us at the oddest times.. like when we were waiting for the food we ordered. “Everything okay?” while we’re waiting for food is very abnormal.. um yes, we’re okay sitting here waiting for our food?? Plus our party arrived separately but we had to ask for water glasses and chopsticks every time even though they came over and saw that a new person had sat down.

After dinner, we walked over to 16 Handles, the frozen yogurt shop because I had a Groupon to use up. It was $16 worth of froyo for only $8 but the coupon had to be used up in one shot which made it perfect for a group visit. We ended up spending $22 for 5 people which is a little pricey if we didn’t have the coupon. It was my first time at 16 Handles and I wasn’t too impressed. I liked the original tart and Euro tart but red velvet melted too fast, mango had artificial sweeteners (eww), and the cheesecake flavor was totally off and texture was icy. They do have a lot of great toppings but I always go for fruit and mochi. They have lychees!! From a can, sure, but still tasty. I might give them another try but so far I like Red Mango and Pinkberry more.

froyo machines.. 16 flavors!

We started eating before I remembered to take a picture so here’s the best shot.

froyo goodness