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Lobster Pasta and Bento 12

17 Feb

Lobster pasta was tasty. Just don’t over cook the angel hair like we did. All we did was take the leftover lobster dish from new years and added more cream, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper.
lobster pasta 2

The lobster was so sweet and the meat was perfectly cooked. Some of the best lobster I’ve ever eaten.
lobster pasta

Bento 12 was for dinner at work. Mainly all leftovers except for the fruits and veggies. I didn’t have time to prepare anything new and my fridge was full of leftovers anyway.
bento 12

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

14 Feb

Some pics from dinner tonight. I hope everyone has a lucky new year! Year of the Tiger, which is the year I was born (1986) but I was born before new year day that year so I’m an Ox rather than a Tiger. Rawr.

The whole spread: (click to see tags)
dinner table

roast park
Roast pork with hoisin sauce.

Giant lobster. We had two of these guys.

ringo lobster
Ms. Ringo kitty sniffing da lobsta. I think she liked the smell, she later sneaked into the bag and licked it.

cheesy lobster
Lobster with cheese sauce cooking in wok (recipe from Rasa Malaysia). I stir-fried the lobster instead of deep frying it and used 3/4 cup cheddar cheese instead of American cheese. This dish was delicious melt in your mouth heaven. We’re going to save the leftover sauce to make pasta. A must try recipe, so easy and tasty!

shrimp chips
Homemade shrimp chips. We have these every year. They look like plastic discs (like this) before frying, it’s pretty awesome watching them puff up.

cereal milk
Lastly, we made some cereal milk (refer to Momofuku post), which was not that amazing. It just tasted like milk from frosted flakes. Good thing we didn’t buy it from Momofuku; perhaps having it as fro-yo would be more interesting.

bella eula
Happy New Year! Lucky fortune cat (aka Bella) wishes you a prosperous new year of the tiger!

Belated food post..

28 Sep

I haven’t posted in a while.. so sorry. But of course I’ve been eating a lot. So here are pictures of some foods I ate in the past week. I’m also sharing a recipe for chickpea bean mash that was learned from Rachel Ray’s 30-minute meals (made it for dinner right after watching the show too).

Cauliflower casserole – cauliflower, shrimp and bacon bits over bed of mashed potatoes and covered in mozzarella cheese as created by Mom.
cauliflower mash

Cindy came home, therefore we had lobster. That and the lobster was on sale. Boiled and eaten with melted butter. Ignore the intestines >.< they were removed before eating.. yeah I suck at food blogging.

Jalapeno corn bread with scallions and bacon. Not a success.. wished I had just made plain sweet corn bread. This had a bland pepper taste and wasn’t even spicy.
jalapeno corn bread

Madeleines again! Remember the horchata I made? All those leftover cinnamony almond grounds? Yeah, I put some in here. Used Eatyet’s recipe again and flavored with almond extract and a dash of orange extract. Came out crispy and great the first day, then put them in a bag and they went all soft and sticky. =( boo.
madeleines blanched almonds

Chickpea mash – very yummy. Like warm hummus but with more texture.
chickpea mash

Chickpea Mash
Recipe adapted from Rachel Ray’s 30-minute meals on Food Network.

1 reg. size can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 tsp tahini
2 tsp olive oil
1 large clove garlic, minced
1/4 cup chicken stock (or veg. stock if veg.)

1. Roughly blend chickpeas in food processor or blender.
2. Heat oil in pot, add garlic, cook garlic for a bit but don’t let it burn.
3. Add chickpea mash to pot. Finish mashing with hand-held potato masher to desired consistency.
4. Add tahini and chicken stock and cook until some of the stock evaporates. Serve warm.

One last thing. Remember when I posted my mom’s recipe for char siu (Chinese bbq pork)? My cousin, Lisa, made it in her college dorm! Awesomeness. She said it came out good and her friends devoured it. Yay!! Here’s a picture of her results:
lisa's char siu