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Aloha Festival in SF

9 Sep

Here’s another old event that never got posted. Bear with me, still procrastinating uploading of new pictures because I don’t have my card reader. We went to the Aloha Festival in the beginning of August! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii when I was little and I still do. The opportunity to go hasn’t come yet so I settle for learning more about Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian FOOD. So many things to try! Plate lunch? Mochiko chicken? Real shaved ice? Desserts?! Someone take me to Hawaii!

How about some teriyaki chicken on a stick?

Or a bowl of loco moco? Loco moco is hamburger patty and fried egg over rice liberally doused with gravy. I’ve seen it described as heart attack in a bowl.

The Flavor Station for shaved ice looked fun but they were all “American” flavors.

I went for the more authentic flavors at a different stand.

I got a mix of guava and li hing mui (misspelled on the menu). The ice wasn’t shaved fine enough so the syrup pooled to the bottom and the top half of the ice wasn’t sweet enough. It was better once it melted down quite a bit. Not a great idea to have shaved ice on a chilly day in SF.

I tried some other Hawaiian food from an authentic Hawaiian grocery, Takahashi Market, that ships food fresh from Hawaii into San Mateo, CA. I got the Kalua Pork Quesadilla, which was tasty. The dish was basically kalua pork and LOTS of cheese grilled inside tortillas with chipotle sauce and scallions sprinkled on top. It could have been improved by adding some veggies (peppers and onions) or simply had more scallions as the cheese was slightly overwhelming.

This is not very traditional Hawaiian food so I’m looking forward to going back for their plate lunches next time I’m in California. I also tried some lilikoi iced tea and li hing mui sour applemelon candy. I didn’t think the lilikoi iced tea was anything special but that candy was addicting! Turns out I really like li hing mui flavored stuff. Li hing mui is a dried sour plum (see wiki link above) and they sell it in powder form! I wish I got some from this market because it’s great sprinkled on popcorn.

I took a lot of pictures of the Hawaiian dancers at the Aloha Festival but they’re on Brian’s camera. Sorry I can’t share! 😉

Do you know of any Hawaiian restaurants or groceries in NYC?