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Octodogs (bento 14)

23 Feb

I’ve been busy. That and I haven’t packed food in a while. Bad me. I was craving sushi like crazy so I ate sushi three days in a row. Not all were great. The best sushi of those 3 was at Illusion in Brooklyn. Cheap lunch specials! 3 rolls + soup/soda for $9.

I’m so tired. I stand all day at work. It’s been raining all day. Exam tomorrow, not prepared. Issues with paypal and bank accounts. Not a happy camper right now.

On happier note, I bought the taiyaki pan! But it turned out to be $27. I can’t add apparently. Look forward to some freshly made taiyaki soon!

This dinner wasn’t enough. I was hungry soon after wards. My house seems to be running low on things I can pack.
bento 14
Octodogs, broccoli, fat free refried beans again, yaki onigiri (soy sauce grilled rice balls from trader joe’s), oranges and apples.