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Carrot Birthday Cake

29 Apr

Monday was my sister’s birthday so I baked her a cake. I had a really hard time deciding what to make because I was stressed out. Finally I decided on a carrot cake because, well, carrot cakes are tasty. I’ll refrain from posting her age.. let’s say we like to regress. Haha.

my first 2 tiered cake

I used the recipe shared by userealbutter, I love her site. The recipe is really easy to make and came out delicious. This cake was 1.5x the cake recipe and 2x the frosting recipe. I used up almost all of the frosting trying to make it look nice. I still suck at frosting cakes apparently. I should stick to fondant..

mmm carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

hello kitty

I also made some hello kitty cake pops using bakerella‘s tutorial.

chocolate cake pops

We ate at Deluxe Diner near Columbia. Food was decent for a diner and the restaurant had a nice atmosphere. Dad’s steak was over done and the meatloaf wasn’t amazing but the salmon and mushroom risotto, turkey club and burger were good. I totally regret ordering this burger… along with the giant beef pattie, it had 2 sausages, cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, and lettuce. Fries were great. *jiggles stomach*

new york burger