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Pictures from Cornell/Ithaca

13 Nov

I visited my friends for a week so here are some random pictures of Cornell, a hepatitis B virus I hand sewed and a yummy red bean and cream Korean pastry fish I ate.

Top of the slope facing Barnes Hall.
slope top CIMG4985

Ho Plaza from the clock tower.
ho plaza CIMG4996

Barnes Hall from the clock tower.
barnes hall CIMG4995

Arts quad from the clock tower.
arts quad CIMG4992

The back of the chimes with Amanda hiding in the background.
chimes CIMG4997

Red tree along East Ave (near Uris Hall).
red tree CIMG4999

Cayuga lake from top of Libe slope.
cayuga lake2 CIMG4991

Fleece hepatitis B virus I made for B-Aware/Team HBV. Prototype II.
virus closeup CIMG5004

Fish shaped frozen pastry with red bean and cream inside. So sweet!
fish dessert 2 CIMG5002

fish dessert CIMG5001