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Simple cake + kitten bed!

20 Nov

Haven’t been keeping up with you blog.. lacking in motivation at this point in life.

I made a really simple cake using a recipe called Edna Lewis’s Busy-Day Cake. I found it on Orangette’s site and it’s quite delicious.
rustic cake
Very easy to make and so satisfying. Just make sure the butter, eggs, and milk are room temperature. This recipe can be made without an electric mixer.
rustic cake slice

I got kittens! They’re about 2 months old – we don’t know for sure because they’re strays we found in an abandoned garage in our community driveway. We kinda call the cats all different names.. their official names are Isaella (gray female) and Ringo (black male).. official meaning vet’s office. But we also call Isabella – Bella, Milky, and a Chinese name meaning Lucky. Ringo is also known as Blacky, Edward, and a Chinese name meaning Happy.

I could not find the bed on sale at CVS because they never stock anything.. horrible customer service. So I made one using this lovely tutorial by lorie marie. As you can see mine is a rectangle. Only problem is that the kittens do NOT sleep in it at night. I guess it’s too cold in that area.. =( They hid behind the refrigerator!! Eww.. it’s so dirty back there.. and we can’t reach them to get them out. Once we blocked off access to the fridge, they found a new place to sleep. Under the couch. I think it’s because there’s a warm spot on the floor under the couch. Oh well, at least they nap in the bed during the day. =^_^=

new bed 2

Oh and my betta fish (Twitchy) passed this morning. RIP Twitchy. I had just moved my three neon tetras into the 30 gallon tank along with two new neons the day before. I cleaned out Twitchy’s 10 gallon and now there are two rosy red minnows in there. They’re so pretty.. to me at least.


Fish Tank update

20 Oct

I finally added fish. I bought three neon tetras because they’re so bright looking. I was thinking that I would get some cherry barbs at the time but now that is no longer an option. I realized that my poor Twitchy (the betta fish I had in a small tank) was freezing in his heaterless tank. I decided to save him by putting him in the big heated tank but bettas don’t do well with neon tetras – the betta’s fins will get bitten. Discovered that my local fish store, petland discounts, sells tank dividers for $12! So I did some research and found a really cheap DIY divider using plastic mesh sheets that I already had and some report cover binding things from the 99cents store (you can also find them at office stores like staples). Here are some pictures.

Supplies: plastic mesh sheet, report cover binding pieces, ruler, sissors
divider supplies

After measuring and cutting.

In the tank. The tetras are on the left and Twitchy is on the right. He’s hard to see.. kinda dark blue color in the back corner.
tank new

One of my neon tetras in her shot glass cave.
neon tetra

My dad found an old rectangular lamp in the basement. It happens to fit my tank! SCORE! He tried to remove the base but it wasn’t possible because it had a transformer embedded inside so he extended the wires. The base rests on the stand below now. Perfect.
tank light

Bro’s birthday dinner

30 Jul

Some different foods we made today for Jason’s dinner.

Baked Italian style eggplant sticks. Marinate eggplant in Italian dressing, roll in seasoned bread crumbs, and bake.
baked eggplant sticks

Udon noodle stir fry with faux crab, cucumber, pork, and egg.
udon stir fry

Teriyaki spam musubi. First time making it! Yum. Couldn’t eat the spam by itself though, waaay too salty.
spam musubi

Something my dad bought from Chinatown. Pinecone? Squid? No, it’s fish. O_O You’re supposed to dump a sweet and spicy sauce over it.
fried pinecone fish

A lovely bento made with leftover spam musubi, broccoli, wasabi peas, mini marshmallows and peach slices.