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Fish Tank update

20 Oct

I finally added fish. I bought three neon tetras because they’re so bright looking. I was thinking that I would get some cherry barbs at the time but now that is no longer an option. I realized that my poor Twitchy (the betta fish I had in a small tank) was freezing in his heaterless tank. I decided to save him by putting him in the big heated tank but bettas don’t do well with neon tetras – the betta’s fins will get bitten. Discovered that my local fish store, petland discounts, sells tank dividers for $12! So I did some research and found a really cheap DIY divider using plastic mesh sheets that I already had and some report cover binding things from the 99cents store (you can also find them at office stores like staples). Here are some pictures.

Supplies: plastic mesh sheet, report cover binding pieces, ruler, sissors
divider supplies

After measuring and cutting.

In the tank. The tetras are on the left and Twitchy is on the right. He’s hard to see.. kinda dark blue color in the back corner.
tank new

One of my neon tetras in her shot glass cave.
neon tetra

My dad found an old rectangular lamp in the basement. It happens to fit my tank! SCORE! He tried to remove the base but it wasn’t possible because it had a transformer embedded inside so he extended the wires. The base rests on the stand below now. Perfect.
tank light

Fish tank!

8 Oct

fish tank
I decided to raise tropical fish again since my parents aren’t ever going to let me get a cat. I already everything you see here since I used to raise zebra fish and some other (tetras maybe) about four years ago in my freshman dorm room. Included here is the 10 gallon tank along with the heater, filter system, thermometer, rocks, and air pump. I’ve been doing some research on fishlore.com and have learned SO much about properly raising fish. You have to let the tank go through the nitrogen cycle first before you actually put any fish in the tank or else they have a high chance of dieing or getting sick. Fish produce ammonium which is highly toxic and without cycling there is no beneficial bacteria to remove the ammonium. Cycling without fish (the more humane way to do it) can take months! Hopefully mine won’t take so long. I have to go buy some water testing kits… and a gravel cleaner.. and more plants!
fish tank bubbles
Oh yeah, I’m thinking of getting neon tetras, cherry barbs, and prob a small type of catfish to eat algae.