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Totoro bento box (#38)

23 Jun

I just received a new bento box from a Craftster swap I organized. Thank you Dancer4Ever for the awesome box. I packed a lunch today even though I wasn’t going anywhere. I used Brian’s fancy Nikon D90 to take these pictures so they came out pretty nice. Of course, I don’t know how to use it so it took me many tries and it’s still not professional. =)

The Totoros are sharing their acorn bounty.

In this bento we have summer squash casserole (recipe here), string beans, colby jack cheese, organic strawberries and red butter lettuce lining. The cheese Totoro letters were done using my new alphabet cutters that I also got in the swap.

Pineapple Bento (#37)

21 May

I did a lot of sewing today for the Bento Swap I’m hosting on Craftster. I have been staying up and sleeping in to try to adjust my schedule for west coast time. I woke at noon today so I made a bento for lunch. Everything was from leftovers because I didn’t want to waste time cooking and leftovers need to be eaten. I packed the food into my new bento from Jenn at Not Exactly Bento, isn’t it cute?

Bento #37 (only?!): Pineapple shrimp fried rice, broccoli, a large mayo shrimp, two beef cubes, a shitake mushroom, snow peas and fresh sweet pineapple.

pretty blue box

I changed my blog theme to a fresh new look. Since the green was very spring and now it’s almost summer, I thought it was a nice change. Hope you don’t get confused! =P

pineapple bento

Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo and Japan’s Children’s Day

5 May

two holidays in one

I haven’t made a bento in a long time. I’m sad that this is only bento #36 since I’ve started logging. Not having to go to work and classes ending means no opportunities to make bento! This bento was for a final exam I had tonight. I had to be on campus a few hours before the 8pm final so I had to pack something for dinner. I tried to make it cute but my skills are lacking in that department. The little kid is celebrating Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo and Japan’s Children’s Day by wearing a sombrero and flying carp wind kites. I colored the cheese cutouts with food coloring but it was a pretty shoddy job. He’s resting on a bed of rice with salmon furikake. Chicken nuggets, cucumbers and tomatoes round out the box. I forgot the sweet and sour sauce at home so I acquired some ketchup from the dining hall. Free drinks and snacks at the student center for finals week too. Free food to combat stress, yay! Bad for those watching their food intakes.. ahem *tries not to look guilty*.

Sorry for the crappy picture. My hands seem to shake a lot more as I age.. I feel old. I’ll just pretend it’s my camera’s fault and get a new one.. maybe for xmas this year. YAY.

Bentos for Cherry Blossom Hanami (32-35)

25 Apr

I finally got to go to see the cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanical Garden! The weather was perfect for spending the day out among the flowers. It was a little late for the cherry blossoms, they were past their prime as you can see by all the green leaves. If I had a chance to go last week it would have been prettier but it was raining and I was busy. The flowers were falling all over the place though so it was really pretty sitting under the trees. Unfortunately it was crowded and everyone kept yanking on the branches to shake the flowers down. It really sucks for the Matsuri festival next week because I don’t know if there will be any flowers left on the trees by then! People yanking really hard on the trees annoyed me.. it’s okay to tap it but don’t freaking yank it so it BLIZZARDS flowers on you! You’re ruining it for everyone else!! Ranting aside.. it was a gorgeous day out with friends. =D I’m so grateful my friends got to join me. At the end of the day we made pink mochi to celebrate too but the pictures came out pretty glaringly pink. So tasty!

I’m counting the bento boxes as #32-35 because I made four boxes.

Bigger boxes (2 of these boxes)

Boxes all had: salmon flavored sakura onigiri, miso chicken, tamagoyaki (egg rolls), roasted herbed teeny potatoes, cherry tomatoes, orange slice, grapes.

Eating on grass makes it yummier (2 of these boxes)

Then we went to Blue Marble Ice Cream nearby for a creamy sweet treat. Cute doggie!

Organic blackberries and cream / dulce de leche.

And some pics of the blossoms! If you’re friends with me on facebook, I posted more pictures there.. lots of tulips too!

Quinoa Bento (29)

12 Apr

I finally made another bento. It seems like it’s been so long since my last one.

Quinoa bento

Quinoa with crimson raisins and toasted walnuts. It would be vegetarian except that it’s cooked in chicken stock. Sweet pepper strips, cucumbers and strawberries round up the box. I think there’s too much green in this box, some darker green lining would have worked better. Or a different item instead of cucumbers. Yummy meal but it wasn’t filling enough. I should of added protein even though the quinoa has protein, it wasn’t enough.

Bento challenge wise: I don’t seem to be able to make cute bento boxes often. Sure I can make them appealing looking but I can’t seem to be bothered with adding in a cute cheese cutout on top of that quinoa. It takes too much time to think of a theme and then draw it and cut it out. Otherwise, good day today.