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New year = more bento? I hope..

19 Jan

Making and bringing bento boxes for me is my way of saving money, portioning my meals and getting to cook in my otherwise hectic life. My days usually either consists of working late hours or evening classes which mean I would either have to bring food, buy food (expensive near NYU and mostly unhealthy near work), or go hungry (not an option since I start feeling nauseated when I skip meals). Soooo, I hope to get back to bento-ing. If I remember to post them here, they’ll probably be just pictures and a description of what’s in the box.

Since it’s 2010, let’s keep count of each bento so I can be motivated to keep the number growing.


bento #1
Bottom tier: mini egg tart, baked mochiko chicken (recipe by hapa bento), tonkatsu sauce in kitty.
Top tier: rice cooked with wasabi furikake, kimchi, chinese greens, enoki mushrooms.
Not shown: travel mug of chestnut green tea (lupicia), 6 white chocolate melts, 2 sweeties (clementines).

bento #1 top