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Stinky bento 24

30 Mar

Inari zushi seems to never get eaten where it’s supposed to be. This is the second time I packed inari zushi for class and have it not be eaten in class. This time it’s due to the broccoli and combination of fruits and cheese that made the bento smell like trash when I opened it. Since I was in class, I couldn’t bear the thought of stinking up the room with the smell so I ate a granola bar instead. Yech, granola bar makes for a bad dinner.

bento 24

Inarizushi and Walnut noodle (bento 21 & 22)

23 Mar

Inarizushi is a tofu pouch that’s stuffed with sushi rice. The pouch is made out of a fried tofu that’s cooked a sweet soy mixture. I can’t find this stuff in the stores I’ve been to in NY but I found them at the Japanese supermarket, Mitsuwa, in Edgewater, NY. I love these pouches because they’re sweet and easily turn into bento food. I actually tried these for the first time at Cornell in their sushi packs. Ah, the good ole days of dining hall and overpriced to-go food. Not that much has changed with the overpriced part in the city.

bento 21

I stuffed these pouches with rice, eel and eel sauce and sprinkled with some wasabi furikake. Yum! I brought it to class but didn’t get to eat it till I got home since class ended early.

bento 22

Today’s laptop lunch features stir fried noodles with toasted walnuts, side of greens and roast pork, hunk of olive bread, super sweet oranges, and orange Pocky. The toasted walnuts were SO GOOD.