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23 Sep

A glass of horchata in bright light.

I’ve always wanted to taste horchata ever since I read about it on some food blogs. Recently my special someone has been buying and drinking a lot of horchata since it’s readily available in supermarkets in California. So that made me look up a recipe and make some myself. He says his doesn’t even have nuts in it (since he’s allergic) so his is a probably a more Americanized version, basically cinnamon flavored rice milk. Horchata is like a cross between a rice milk and almond milk with cinnamon.

horchata ingredients

I found this recipe on The Food Section website and it looked promising. I followed the recipe pretty much completely except I used 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract because I don’t have vanilla beans. The result was a very refreshing, sweet drink to enjoy for the start of fall. =) I probably won’t be making this often even though I enjoy it because it uses so many almonds.. nuts are not cheap. I saved the dreads so maybe I can make something out of that. Any ideas? I also want to try making a drink out of store bought rice flour and an almond drink mix (sweetened and with milk powder). Hopefully it’ll taste the same.

horchata 2
Horchata in dim lighting.