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A Day in SF

30 May

We met up with my cousin and her husband in the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market yesterday. They were road tripping all the way down the California Coast from Vancouver! It was a gorgeous day and we walked around the market sampling all the fresh fruits and other tasty goodies. We had an almond croissant for a snack because I was craving the one from Tartine (this one did not even compare). I ended up with some peaches, nectarines and apricots. All were really sweet and tasty but produce here is pricey. I got 2 nectarines for $2.. geez.

No pictures of the farmer’s market because it was crowded and too hot and overwhelming to bother to take pictures. I thought I had pictures from last year to fall back on but I must have not taken pictures last time either. Oops, sorry!

After grabbing lunch from various booths in the Ferry Building, we went drove over to the Golden Gate Park since it was such a nice day out. We strolled around the Botanical Garden (because it was free) but there were no flowers left. So instead, I took pictures of “wildlife”.

squirrel eating on the steps

duck watching the paddle boats

The park was nice and relaxing but we were getting tired so we went to Japantown where I did some shopping at Ichibankan for my bento swap. I thought there was a Daiso there too but we didn’t see it. I didn’t manage to get a bento box though and didn’t get a chance to visit all the kitchen supply stores I wanted to. The area was pretty empty for such a nice day though, I guess tourists really don’t go here even though it’s a great place to explore.

Brian relaxing in the sun

gorgeous carving of dancers

We did find Sophie’s Crepes, which was recommended to us by a friend of Brian’s. If you’re in the area, this is a great hidden treat. You have to go into the mall and cross the pedestrian bridge to find this.

green tea gelato, red bean paste and maccha sauce

I had already took a few bites before I remembered to take a picture for you guys. It’s made fresh to order so I didn’t want it to get soggy. The crepe was crisp, had a nice chew and tasted great! We ordered the Japanese flavored one which had green tea gelato (more like ice cream), red bean paste, and maccha sauce. You can watch them make these at the window; they have a really interesting folding technique. So delicious, the only part that got soggy was the very bottom but it still tasted great.

the cute cone, I wish they had one of these in NYC!

Not much happening for us this Memorial Day weekend. I really want to go shopping but we’ll see if that happens. I want a not too heavy cross-body bag, any suggestions?

Alice’s Tea Cup

25 Oct

My friend Ying Ying and I went to Alice’s Tea Cup today. I really like tea houses because they always have yummy food and yummy tea. We went to the East 64th St. location. While it was quite small with not much to look at, the food was great. The service was decent and there were a lot of waitstaff though our waitress kept forgetting what peopled ordered because she didn’t write things down – I saw this happen twice. Since there was a party upstairs and only a couple of tables downstairs, go early or be prepared to wait. I put my name down at 11am and got seated pretty quickly, they’ll even call your cell phone when a table becomes available.

Pumpkin scone, banana chocolate chip scone, and cream with raspberry preserves.
alicetea scones

Tea with a kitty drip catcher. Isn’t it so cute?! That little thing by itself is $10!!
alicetea teapot

We shared a scones with tea ($10) and had the pumpkin scone and banana chocolate chip. I ordered the Symphony tea which was a strawberry and chocolate flavored Indian black tea. Wasn’t too impressive. The pumpkin scone was to die for! More cakey than scone like but full of pumpkin flavor and lightly spiced. I didn’t care for the banana chocolate chip flavor but the texture was great. Ying Ying ordered a peach and flower Bellini ($12) but it didn’t taste so good to either of us.

Half finished french toast.
alicetea french toast

For our main dishes, I ordered the Alice’s Special French Toast ($9) and Ying Ying had a Ham and Gruyere Crepe ($12) with mixed greens salad (no pic because she wanted to eat haha). Both our dishes were delicious and cooked perfectly! My french toast was SO good but I was actually full from the scones so I took half of it home. Crispy, soft, warm, sweet, flavorful, and covered in fresh berries. The savory crepe was a nice change from all the sweets and tasted wonderful.

Isn’t Ying Ying so cute? =D
alicetea yinying

Next time I go, I’m going to have to try their cupcakes and maybe a burger and of course, more tea! Who wants to go with me? 😉

Oh and then we went and bought a car!! Ying Ying’s newest car is a Honda Civic in sexy black. Very nice.