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Creme Brulee

22 Oct

I’ve been avoiding baking because I really should cut back on my calorie intake.. but I couldn’t resist. Cindy bought four cuisineart ramekins from a yard sale for a dollar (we love yard sales) so of course I had to do something with them. We went to costco today so I was able to buy cream for cheap.. it’s a little pricey in the small grocery stores near me. I decided to use half and half instead of heavy cream to lower the fat content. Might have affected the overall recipe, I’m not sure.

creme brulee 1

I used the Creme Brulee II recipe from allrecipes.com. Alteration as suggested in the reviews was to use four egg yolks instead of three.

creme brulee group

They turned out a bit liquid-y but it wasn’t too bad. The flavor was great and the sugar crust cracked perfectly (except for the burnt parts which tasted baaad).

creme brulee 2

I have more cream so may try again for when Cindy comes home. Next project with the ramekins will probably be mini pot pies.. or maybe souffle but not chocolate souffle. Yeah, I’m not a huge chocolate desserts fan.. don’t kill me! I do like chocolate! =P