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New Year Festival

17 Feb

The festival was last Sunday and my whole family drove into the city to try to catch it. Since parking is normally insane on regular days, my parents didn’t actually get to see much since they had to stay in the car. We originally thought it was in Columbus Park but it turned out to be at Roosevelt Park on the other side of Chinatown. We were lucky because while walking there we bumped into lion dancing which was happening on Mott St. Usually all the lion dance troupes are running around Chinatown to visit storefronts and get lucky money in exchange for a performance. I love lion dancing; the loud drums and the colorful lions are always fun to watch. As a kid, I use to pretend to be a lion dancer with chairs and a big towel. Lion dancing actually requires a lot of training similar to Kung Fu to build the strength required and for the dance moves.

We finally made it to the festival in time to “see” the fire crackers. They went off way off schedule which worked on our favor since we were late. Unfortunately, it was so crowded that we couldn’t see anything but smoke and crowds. Good thing fire crackers are so loud!

Here are some pictures I managed to take on Mott St.
red lion

yellow lions

red firecrackers


To give you an idea of the crowds:

And here’s a short clip of a lion bringing luck to a restaurant. Click on the link to watch it larger on flickr.

Lion dance – Chinatown, NY
Originally uploaded by bluealue