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Bento 28 and Garden Update

5 Apr

The bento challenge is going pretty well.  I have a meatloaf bento stashed in the fridge which I will transfer to the freezer soon. I haven’t eaten anything past 9pm since the challenge though I will kind of break that today by having some hot chocolate later.. not really breaking anything considering I had class today and didn’t get home till after 9pm to begin with.  The meatloaf recipe as well as the earl grey tea muffins I made were new recipes so that’s meeting another challenge.

The seedlings have been growing nicely.  Some plants didn’t grow yet so perhaps those seeds are dead.  Seems like the tomato seeds from Campbell’s tomato soup and my pepper seeds from last season have not sprouted yet.  The bean plants grew like crazy so I had to transfer them to a bigger pot already.  I’ve been putting everything outside during the day to get some nutritious sunlight and supplementing with artificial lights while they’re inside.

They're growing!

I am reminded of this scene in my favorite Miyazaki film, My Neighbor Totoro. I could only find it in Russian(?) but it doesn’t really matter. Skip ahead to 40 seconds. I wish I could do that to my plants!

Spring is here and I celebrate by splurging on my favorite flowers.  I spent a good 10-15 minutes at the plant store because I never knew there were so many variations of hyacinths.  They were not labeled as being different but you can tell by the flower shapes, petals and most importantly, their scent!  They all smelled slightly different, which is pretty amazing to me.  Even though these pink ones were not in the best shape, they smelled the most familiar to me as what hyacinths should smell like so I got a pot of those.  When the flowers die, I will plant it in my front garden so it’ll regrow every spring.

Smells heavenly.

Here is my bento for class today.  This was a good bento because it didn’t smell and I could easily eat it without people looking at my strange food.

Ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo on wheat Italian bread. Strawberries, crimson raisins, earl grey tea muffin.

And here’s a picture of Bella enjoying the sun outside.  They love to roll around on the warm floor! Horrible for me because they pick up so much dust that I have to wipe off before they’re allowed inside again.  She’s leashed because I’m afraid they’ll run away.. cats don’t follow commands well.  Ringo got her chance after Bella returned inside.  I only have one harness and leash unfortunately.

Bella enjoying the sun outside!

Bento Challenge

3 Apr

Hi all,

I’ve decided to participate in the 30-Day Bento Challenge hosted by Not Exactly Bento.  I’ve been pretty good at cutting fast food like McDonalds out of my regular diet, stopped drinking soda and sugary drinks, and I try to eat more fruits and veggies. Been going great so far! I used to count calories but I don’t have time anymore due to school. Unfortunately, I quit one of my jobs so I will be packing much fewer bentos.

Here are my goals for the month of April:
1. Pack cuter bento boxes rather than my laptop lunch box so I eat smaller portions and so I can practice making pretty bentos.
2. Make a small bento freezer stash (small because there’s not much space in my family’s freezer).
3. Try more bento recipes.
4. Continue to not buy unhealthy snacks because I won’t eat it if I don’t have it laying around! I’m also trying to clear out the junk food stash.
Edited to add:
5. Not eat after 9PM UNLESS it’s Monday or Wednesday because my classes end ~9pm and I don’t always get to eat before class or in class.

I know April is going to be a super busy month with final projects due so this will definitely be a challenge. I included four different goals so I can work on at least one of them daily since I won’t be packing a daily bento. I purposely didn’t put exercise more because I really don’t know if I will be able to do so at the moment. That’s always been my biggest challenge and I’m still lacking the push to accomplish it. Updates will be posted on this blog as well as on the challenge page. I’m hoping to win the laptop lunch box prize (winner randomly chosen). Wish me luck!