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Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

14 Feb

Some pics from dinner tonight. I hope everyone has a lucky new year! Year of the Tiger, which is the year I was born (1986) but I was born before new year day that year so I’m an Ox rather than a Tiger. Rawr.

The whole spread: (click to see tags)
dinner table

roast park
Roast pork with hoisin sauce.

Giant lobster. We had two of these guys.

ringo lobster
Ms. Ringo kitty sniffing da lobsta. I think she liked the smell, she later sneaked into the bag and licked it.

cheesy lobster
Lobster with cheese sauce cooking in wok (recipe from Rasa Malaysia). I stir-fried the lobster instead of deep frying it and used 3/4 cup cheddar cheese instead of American cheese. This dish was delicious melt in your mouth heaven. We’re going to save the leftover sauce to make pasta. A must try recipe, so easy and tasty!

shrimp chips
Homemade shrimp chips. We have these every year. They look like plastic discs (like this) before frying, it’s pretty awesome watching them puff up.

cereal milk
Lastly, we made some cereal milk (refer to Momofuku post), which was not that amazing. It just tasted like milk from frosted flakes. Good thing we didn’t buy it from Momofuku; perhaps having it as fro-yo would be more interesting.

bella eula
Happy New Year! Lucky fortune cat (aka Bella) wishes you a prosperous new year of the tiger!

Simple cake + kitten bed!

20 Nov

Haven’t been keeping up with you blog.. lacking in motivation at this point in life.

I made a really simple cake using a recipe called Edna Lewis’s Busy-Day Cake. I found it on Orangette’s site and it’s quite delicious.
rustic cake
Very easy to make and so satisfying. Just make sure the butter, eggs, and milk are room temperature. This recipe can be made without an electric mixer.
rustic cake slice

I got kittens! They’re about 2 months old – we don’t know for sure because they’re strays we found in an abandoned garage in our community driveway. We kinda call the cats all different names.. their official names are Isaella (gray female) and Ringo (black male).. official meaning vet’s office. But we also call Isabella – Bella, Milky, and a Chinese name meaning Lucky. Ringo is also known as Blacky, Edward, and a Chinese name meaning Happy.

I could not find the bed on sale at CVS because they never stock anything.. horrible customer service. So I made one using this lovely tutorial by lorie marie. As you can see mine is a rectangle. Only problem is that the kittens do NOT sleep in it at night. I guess it’s too cold in that area.. =( They hid behind the refrigerator!! Eww.. it’s so dirty back there.. and we can’t reach them to get them out. Once we blocked off access to the fridge, they found a new place to sleep. Under the couch. I think it’s because there’s a warm spot on the floor under the couch. Oh well, at least they nap in the bed during the day. =^_^=

new bed 2

Oh and my betta fish (Twitchy) passed this morning. RIP Twitchy. I had just moved my three neon tetras into the 30 gallon tank along with two new neons the day before. I cleaned out Twitchy’s 10 gallon and now there are two rosy red minnows in there. They’re so pretty.. to me at least.