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Alice’s Tea Cup Take 2 & 3

21 Mar

curious french toast at alice tea cup
Curious french toast baked with pear surrounded by fresh berries and creme anglaise.

My good friend, Amanda, was visiting her boyfriend, Wayne (and me!) so we went to Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II on the east side. Then my sister and I had to use up a Groupon so we tried out Chapter I on the west side.

tea at alice tea cup
Meow says the tea drip catcher.

I have to say, Chapter I sucked. Service was extremely slow from the kitchen, the waitress could not do her job (didn’t acknowledge us until 10 minutes after we sat down, messed up our orders, didn’t know who ordered what when serving), and the food wasn’t good! The poached eggs tasted like vinegar and the pumpkin scone that I get every time was bland, bland, bland. It took us 30 minutes to get our food. Then I had to wait for the side order the waitress messed up even though I finished my dish already. The only really tasty part of the meal was the berry scone and the yogurt with berries, which they did not have to cook.

scones at alice tea cup
The good scones from Chapter II. Pumpkin and garlic, herb and cheese. This pumpkin had a lot more flavor than the one from chapter I.

Yes, normally people go there to sit and chat for hours on end and I’m usually easy to please when it comes to restaurants but this was just too much for me. So, sorry for the rant.

chicken ruben at alice tea cup
Chicken ruben at chapter II.

Chapter II had tasty food for the most part. Wayne randomly chose the eggs “Benedict”, which teaches you not to randomly pick stuff. The concept of this dish is just wrong but if you read the descriptions you’ll probably pick something you would like. Amanda got the Curious French Toast and I got the Chicken Ruben sandwich. Both were decent. The service was also faster and the waitstaff attentive. I also like the decor of Chapter II better plus they have more seating upstairs with lovely windows.

"eggs benedict" at alice tea cup
Eggs “benedict” on buttermilk scone and side of potatoes and chicken. Starchy and dry with a tart hollandaise sauce.

alice tea cup bigger breakfast
Alice’s Bigger Breakfast from Chapter I – 3 tiers with scone, eggs any style, veggies (asparagus, spinach and bell pepper) or bacon, and vanilla yogurt with berries (straw, blue, black, and rasp -berry).

alice tea cup table
Take home message: go to Chapter II if you do have to splurge on brunch. Time for me to find a new, less touristy, tea place.