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Sewing projects – Yoga mat bag, Pincushion and Frame

19 Aug

yoga mat bag

I made a yoga mat bag for my sister. She’s going back to college again and needed something to carry the mat around. I used this tutorial and the fabric was from Ikea. I love this fabric! It’s a light canvas and is only $6 a yard.

yoga mat bag back

yoga mat bag top

The pincushion was made to attach to the sewing machine with velcro. Made from scrap fabric and polyfill. You can see the hello kitty stickers we have on the machine. 😉
pin cushion

The frames were from ikea as well. Covered with scrap fabric and hot glue. I think it’s so cute. My sister made this.
ikea frame

Long cat!

30 Jul

I sewed up a long cat for my brother’s birthday gift. It’s made from a t-shirt, poly fill and embroidery thread. It’s not pretty but my siblings and I have already fallen in love with it. It’s so soft, cuddly and very expressive. If you don’t know what long cat is look here.


jason's long cat

ella, ella, elephant!

4 Sep

For my first post I will show off my best sewn stuffed animal yet.. my fuzzy elephant! I made them over the summer, sent one away for a craftster swap and kept one for myself. (I kept the one on top of the elephant pile.) She (Ella) is made from a fuzzy green/gray material and is machine sewn. It was a pain cutting the fabric because little tuffs of fur would fly everywhere and made everyone sneeze. This was my first time using snap on eyes too and they’re a breeze to use (also inexpensive). Ella has a red heart patch on her left side to make her unique. Lucky for her, she gets to go to college with me and enjoys watching me fall asleep while studying for exams.

And a pic all by herself.

EDIT: Here is the link to the pattern (scroll down on the page). Click here.

For my version, I enlarged the pattern using a lightbox.