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Lobster Pasta and Bento 12

17 Feb

Lobster pasta was tasty. Just don’t over cook the angel hair like we did. All we did was take the leftover lobster dish from new years and added more cream, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper.
lobster pasta 2

The lobster was so sweet and the meat was perfectly cooked. Some of the best lobster I’ve ever eaten.
lobster pasta

Bento 12 was for dinner at work. Mainly all leftovers except for the fruits and veggies. I didn’t have time to prepare anything new and my fridge was full of leftovers anyway.
bento 12

Sausage stuffing (bento 11)

11 Feb

Tomorrow’s dinner:
bento 11
Sausage stuffing with peppers and onion, leftover birthday cake, an orange, greens with edamame and bean curd, and string cheese.

I will have to carry this to Chinatown tomorrow because I’m getting a new haircut for Chinese New Years. Then I’ll be going straight to work because it doesn’t make sense to go home first. I hope it doesn’t annoy me too much. Maybe I should stop by Uniqlo too.. I love their heat tech shirts btw. I was hesitant at first but I bought one on sale and it’s great. So comfy.

Bento 10 – Indian style

10 Feb

Bento for dinner last night at work. Everyone kept talking about snow snow snow because a storm was supposed to hit at midnight. Woke up this morning to only 2 inches on the ground. Classes were not canceled for NYU even though most other schools had closed the day before. Finally, NYU decides to close mid-day. Pretty annoying when schools do that since some people had to go out already in the morning just to go home later in the day. Poor planning. The snow is really coming down hard now. It’s beautiful, like someone dumping confectioner’s sugar over everything. I can’t wait to go out and shovel later. Shoveling is my excuse to play in the snow. Thank goodness I don’t have class or work tomorrow so I don’t have to deal with the slush.

This bento was quite yummy.
bento 10
White rice with red bean, lentil, tomato based curry (Tasty Bite); honey roasted ham and muenster wheat bread roll-ups; homemade momofuku berry and cream cookies (see previous post)

Jap chae/Korean noodles (Bento 9)

6 Feb

Laptop lunch for dinner at work. I made jap chae after Wendy threw the surprise party with Korean food. I think hers tasted better but this was my first time making it so now I know how to improve my methods.

bento 9

Jap chae, salad, red pepper, cucumber, goddess dressing, avocado and tomato “guac” (which got really brown and gross – didn’t end up eating this), and dove dark chocolate.

I asked Wendy for her recipe and she pointed me to Maangchi. I basically followed that recipe but approximated the vegetable amounts. Some tips from what I’ve learned: add salt to taste because the recipe didn’t call for salt but I feel like it needed it; don’t skip the step where she adds soy sauce to the spinach because my spinach was bland; definitely marinate the beef beforehand (soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine, sugar), overnight is best; and don’t forget the green onions like I did. Otherwise, quite a delicious and flavorful dish.

Bento 7 & 8

4 Feb

Lack of time to update so two bentos for you this time. Laptop lunch was yesterday’s dinner at work and onigiri were for class today.

bento 7
Quinoa pilaf with veggies, chicken and walnuts, salad with Trader Joe’s goddess dressing, cucumbers and tomatoes, veggie straws (rosemary), string cheese.

bento 8
Wasabi mayo tuna onigiri with furikake. Nori on the side for wrapping. I didn’t expect to eat all three because I don’t usually eat that much rice but I was hungry and class was boring.

Vietnamese sandwich (bento 6)

29 Jan

I have been craving this for a while so we finally had it for dinner. I can never finish a whole foot long so the other half is for dinner tomorrow at work.

bento 6
Vietnamese pork sandwich from Saigon Bakery in Chinatown with cucumbers, parsley and pickled carrots; oyster mushrooms, strawberries, grapes, lychee jelly, honey wheat pretzels, dove dark chocolate, hello kitty candy that i keep forgetting to eat.

Spent the day off shopping (finally got rain boots at a decent price!), going to the gym, renewing my driver’s license and buying books for class. Spent a lot of money today not even due to clothes shopping. Boo. I’m not going to enjoy looking at my next credit card statement.

Yesterday was my birthday! I’m 24 (which is a nice age I think.. 2 decades). My sister treated my to dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar and then we went to the Milk Bar for dessert! Pictures to come as they’re on her superior camera.

First Laptop Lunch! (bento 5)

26 Jan

Here’s my laptop lunchbox that my siblings got for me for my birthday all filled up! I will get to enjoy this at work tonight.

bento 5

Left over smoked salmon sushi, salad greens with English cucumber and sun dried tomatoes, french dressing, polenta flowers, snack box: TJ’s honey wheat pretzles, almonds, walnuts, a chocolate munchkin, hello kitty candy. Vanilla Horizon milk (not shown).