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Bento 30 and 31

16 Apr

Bento #30:

pasta with sausage, beef, green beans

Bento #31:

Leftover chili, carrots, hummus, salad

Homemade hummus is so good. To bad the picture got washed out. Don’t those carrots look like cheetos? I promise you they were carrots!

Both these meals left me hungry in a few hours. I need to work on packing more carbs to keep me full.

Ease of a laptop lunchbox (Bento 27)

3 Apr

I was really tempted to eat out for dinner today since I only had 30 minutes left before I had to leave for work. Eating out would have been a bad idea since I had Burger King yesterday.. that will probably be the last time I go to BK for the rest of the year. I’ve managed to cut a lot of crappy fast food out of my diet. Excuse for going to BK? My brother wanted to go and they had a BOGO coupon. =/ Sucked in by marketing! *Fail* At least I didn’t fall for getting fries from Popeyes.. mmm best fast food fries ever.

bento 27

Anyway, I love having a laptop lunch box because it is so easy to throw leftovers and whatever else you have on hand into it. What comes out usually doesn’t look horrible and is so much faster to put together than making it all fit into a bento box. Plus it fits more food than a bento box without having all the food mix together. Basic rules I try to follow: include at least one vegetable and one fruit or two veggies + one carb + one protein. Try to make it colorful which means a variety of foods to eat, therefore, making the meal interesting. Done! I usually eat my dairy at breakfast but I should try to include more calcium rich foods. Being a female Asian who doesn’t do strength exercises = at risk for weak bones. Boo.

Sweet and Sour Chicken (Bento 23)

27 Mar

sweet and sour chicken

We got a nice big pineapple but had already made pineapple fried rice recently so I made sweet and sour chicken with pineapple instead. I’m not posting the recipe because it wasn’t my favorite. I think it’s easier to make with canned pineapple because you can use the juice (not the one with heavy syrup!) to sweeten the sauce.

sweet and sour chicken 2
This tasty dish goes down well with rice.

bento 23
Bento 23: Sweet and sour chicken, rice, greens, salad with toasted walnuts and strawberries.

I’m stressed out about many things. It’s hard for me to eat right when I’m stressed.

Inarizushi and Walnut noodle (bento 21 & 22)

23 Mar

Inarizushi is a tofu pouch that’s stuffed with sushi rice. The pouch is made out of a fried tofu that’s cooked a sweet soy mixture. I can’t find this stuff in the stores I’ve been to in NY but I found them at the Japanese supermarket, Mitsuwa, in Edgewater, NY. I love these pouches because they’re sweet and easily turn into bento food. I actually tried these for the first time at Cornell in their sushi packs. Ah, the good ole days of dining hall and overpriced to-go food. Not that much has changed with the overpriced part in the city.

bento 21

I stuffed these pouches with rice, eel and eel sauce and sprinkled with some wasabi furikake. Yum! I brought it to class but didn’t get to eat it till I got home since class ended early.

bento 22

Today’s laptop lunch features stir fried noodles with toasted walnuts, side of greens and roast pork, hunk of olive bread, super sweet oranges, and orange Pocky. The toasted walnuts were SO GOOD.

Boring bentos (18-20)

21 Mar

I don’t like posting boring bentos when I have nicer, more visually appealing things to post.. but I have to keep counting so here they are. They’re not boring in taste but nothing fancy and took minimal effort to pack and photograph.

bento 18
Indian/Moroccan bento: leftover chickpea curry, lamb tagine, rice, salad with goddess dressing and girl scout thin mints (gift from Amanda) and dove chocolate.

bento 19
Sushi and snack box: homemade sushi with random fillings by mom and oranges, cuties and a white peach jelly.

bento 20
Steak and cheesy potato dinner with broccoli and rice. Ranch dressing on the side.

Now that spring is here, the weather has been super nice. Sunny days make for brighter pictures but there are no good places near windows for me to take photos. This results in overly bright photos as you can see. Alas, I don’t have the time to spend on practicing setting up nicer photos. Maybe I’ll have more time in the summer to make an effort. It’s good enough I can get a picture before I fly out the door.