Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo and Japan’s Children’s Day

5 May

two holidays in one

I haven’t made a bento in a long time. I’m sad that this is only bento #36 since I’ve started logging. Not having to go to work and classes ending means no opportunities to make bento! This bento was for a final exam I had tonight. I had to be on campus a few hours before the 8pm final so I had to pack something for dinner. I tried to make it cute but my skills are lacking in that department. The little kid is celebrating Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo and Japan’s Children’s Day by wearing a sombrero and flying carp wind kites. I colored the cheese cutouts with food coloring but it was a pretty shoddy job. He’s resting on a bed of rice with salmon furikake. Chicken nuggets, cucumbers and tomatoes round out the box. I forgot the sweet and sour sauce at home so I acquired some ketchup from the dining hall. Free drinks and snacks at the student center for finals week too. Free food to combat stress, yay! Bad for those watching their food intakes.. ahem *tries not to look guilty*.

Sorry for the crappy picture. My hands seem to shake a lot more as I age.. I feel old. I’ll just pretend it’s my camera’s fault and get a new one.. maybe for xmas this year. YAY.

One Response to “Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo and Japan’s Children’s Day”

  1. gargupie May 6, 2010 at 8:29 am #

    I love bento boxes. Wish my mom made me those when I was a kid. Onigiri would be my choice of carb. 🙂

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