Plants upgrade to bigger pots

9 Apr

Slowly growing up.

Procrastinating by randomly updating you about my plant babies. I thought that some of the seedlings were outgrowing their tiny pots so I moved some of the larger ones. I didn’t want the roots to twist together making it impossible to divide them. I stopped using the indoor lights since the cover didn’t fit anymore and instead put them outside every day since the sun is going strong. They seem to be growing slower. Maybe I’m just being impatient? I transferred three of the tomatoes but they had almost no roots! I’m hoping they’ll grow faster soon. I plan on moving to California for the summer so it’s sad because I won’t be able to enjoy the bounty from the garden. I guess my family will reap the benefits.. but I’m going to really miss being able to enjoy the veggies and tend to it as it grows.

The three pots from the left are cucumbers, followed by tomatoes and the last two being green beans. Did not have any success growing cucumbers or beans last year so this looks more promising. I need to figure out some sort of trellis for the cucumbers to climb.

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