Vietnamese sandwich (bento 6)

29 Jan

I have been craving this for a while so we finally had it for dinner. I can never finish a whole foot long so the other half is for dinner tomorrow at work.

bento 6
Vietnamese pork sandwich from Saigon Bakery in Chinatown with cucumbers, parsley and pickled carrots; oyster mushrooms, strawberries, grapes, lychee jelly, honey wheat pretzels, dove dark chocolate, hello kitty candy that i keep forgetting to eat.

Spent the day off shopping (finally got rain boots at a decent price!), going to the gym, renewing my driver’s license and buying books for class. Spent a lot of money today not even due to clothes shopping. Boo. I’m not going to enjoy looking at my next credit card statement.

Yesterday was my birthday! I’m 24 (which is a nice age I think.. 2 decades). My sister treated my to dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar and then we went to the Milk Bar for dessert! Pictures to come as they’re on her superior camera.

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