Web comics

22 Jan

On an unrelated note, I have been obsessed with reading web comics. Not mangas, those are usually too long for me and the stories not to my liking. I highly recommend these.

Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell. Fun artwork with an interesting story line peppered with humor. A world where the magical forest and the technical school/court is split. Incomplete.

Garanos by Alex Heberling. “A gothic fantasy” is the official description. I don’t love her artwork because she doesn’t use line art and it creates a very blurry effect sometimes but the story is interesting. Love triangle type story involving demons and a lot of fighting. Incomplete.

Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton. Cute characters, story line gets complex at the end but is very interesting. Involves elves and magic. Short and completed.

The Phoenix Requiem also by Sarah Ellerton. Beautiful artwork and the story flows very well. The main characters are good looking. Plot involves dealing with a plague and the undead. Incomplete.

Now I guess I’ll have to read the last one by Ellerton! If anyone has reading suggestions, please tell me. I’m going to run out of stuff to read super fast. I’m new to web comics with story lines. Other comics I enjoy but have no storyline include Daisy Owl and xkcd.

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