Food on the west coast

19 Jan

Only a tiny sample of the food I ate in California while visiting Brian. I mainly used his camera so I don’t have everything. I will post the ones from my phone too, in a bit. If you want to find these restaurants, just search on yelp. My username is bluealue there.

falafel pizza waterfront
Falafel Pizza at the Waterfront Pizza (Foster City, CA). This has got to be one of the BEST PIZZA’s I’ve ever eaten if not the best. Between Brian and I, we only left 2 slices. That’s only due to stomach constraints. I’m going to have to recreate it at home but I have never made falafel before. Toppings include tomatoes and red onions.

frijtz mussels arles
Mussels Arles at Frjtz (Hayes Valley, SF, CA) – cooked in wine, shallots, garlic, parsley. First time I had belgian style mussels. Not bad, the soup left behind was the bomb. Brian ordered an egg scramble.. not worth mentioning.

fries frjtz
Their fries are a must. So good. Lemon saffron aioli and paremesan garlic white trash ranch dipping sauces. Need I say more? Next time we need to get garlic fries.

taro obessesion
Look at all the taro goodies!!!!! I ❤ taro so much. Taro white chocolate cookies from Ranch 99 supermarket. Taro bubble tea mix at a supermarket in downtown Mountainview ($10!! trust me.. so worth the cost). Taro ice cream also from Ranch 99? I forget but you can also get it in San Mateo.

horseradish bacon burger jason's grill
Horseradish bacon burger at Jason’s Beachside Grill in Kingsbeach/North Tahoe. Was only $10. Cooked perfectly and was the size of my head. I ate the whole thing. The fries were beer battered and were super crispy and flavorful. Sorry, my camera sucks in bad lighting.

shrooms burger jason's grill
Brian got the mushroom burger.

le waf northstar
After a long day of skiing and snow crashing, this hot sugar glazed belgian waffle eaten with your significant other is the perfect ending.


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