Sushi.. better this time.

5 Mar

I was craving sushi so I decided to make sushi with raw salmon this time. Half a pound of wild salmon was ~$8 so it’s not cheap but for the amount of sushi it’s cheaper than eating out. I got the fish from the local fish monger who said it was safe to consume raw.

I took a lot of pics so here they are. If you have any questions, leave a comment!

The salmon:
sushi salmon

Eggs, ham, avocados:
sushi prep2

Crab, cucumber, blanched carrots:
salmon prep1

Cooling seasoned rice, soy sauce, soy with wasabi and spicy mayo (garlic sirracha and kewpie mayo):
sushi rice and sauces

Salmon nigiri:
sushi salmon nigiri

Left: Salmon rolls with spicy mayo sauce, cucumbers and avocados. Right: My family’s “California Roll” which has crab, ham, cucumbers, carrots, avocados and eggs.
sushi rolls

Salmon hand rolls with spicy mayo sauce, cucumbers, and avocados. These were really good.
sushi salmon handrolls

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