Alice’s Tea Cup

25 Oct

My friend Ying Ying and I went to Alice’s Tea Cup today. I really like tea houses because they always have yummy food and yummy tea. We went to the East 64th St. location. While it was quite small with not much to look at, the food was great. The service was decent and there were a lot of waitstaff though our waitress kept forgetting what peopled ordered because she didn’t write things down – I saw this happen twice. Since there was a party upstairs and only a couple of tables downstairs, go early or be prepared to wait. I put my name down at 11am and got seated pretty quickly, they’ll even call your cell phone when a table becomes available.

Pumpkin scone, banana chocolate chip scone, and cream with raspberry preserves.
alicetea scones

Tea with a kitty drip catcher. Isn’t it so cute?! That little thing by itself is $10!!
alicetea teapot

We shared a scones with tea ($10) and had the pumpkin scone and banana chocolate chip. I ordered the Symphony tea which was a strawberry and chocolate flavored Indian black tea. Wasn’t too impressive. The pumpkin scone was to die for! More cakey than scone like but full of pumpkin flavor and lightly spiced. I didn’t care for the banana chocolate chip flavor but the texture was great. Ying Ying ordered a peach and flower Bellini ($12) but it didn’t taste so good to either of us.

Half finished french toast.
alicetea french toast

For our main dishes, I ordered the Alice’s Special French Toast ($9) and Ying Ying had a Ham and Gruyere Crepe ($12) with mixed greens salad (no pic because she wanted to eat haha). Both our dishes were delicious and cooked perfectly! My french toast was SO good but I was actually full from the scones so I took half of it home. Crispy, soft, warm, sweet, flavorful, and covered in fresh berries. The savory crepe was a nice change from all the sweets and tasted wonderful.

Isn’t Ying Ying so cute? =D
alicetea yinying

Next time I go, I’m going to have to try their cupcakes and maybe a burger and of course, more tea! Who wants to go with me? 😉

Oh and then we went and bought a car!! Ying Ying’s newest car is a Honda Civic in sexy black. Very nice.

One Response to “Alice’s Tea Cup”

  1. catherine November 10, 2008 at 2:21 pm #

    Does anyone have a scone recipe from Alice’s Tea Cup…either the pumpkin or savory scone…or any one for that matter.


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