Mid-Autumn Festival

15 Sep

My family (sans Cindy) celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival on yesterday. The holiday coincides with the full moon and there are many stories that explains why this is so. My favorite is the one where the world used to have 10 suns and an archer shot down 9 of them because it was too hot. He received a reward for doing so, a pill for immortality I believe, but his wife took the pill and as punishment, she is banished to the moon. She is supposed to be beautiful and people look to the moon on this holiday to appreciate its beauty. That’s also why moon cakes exists. =D The mid-autumn festival is also called the Lantern Festival so many people light lanterns outside under the moonlight. As kids, we used to do this all the time with our neighbors. In China/Taiwan, they light lanterns and float them in a lake – so pretty!

I just wanted to share some pictures of what we ate. Not much to say about them because I didn’t cook the food or know much about them. Don’t ask me why taro is so prominent, my parents don’t even know.. but one big taro made three of these dishes.

Taro pie or Taro cake – savory with , boiled peanuts, and the giant citrus fruit (kinda like a huge grapefruit).
taro pie

Pork and taro entree.
pork and taro

Unpeeled baby taro. You peel it and dip it in flavored salt to eat.
baby taro

The giant citrus fruit opened.
grapefruit giant

Dessert: Sai mai lo – basically taro, tiny tapioca pearls cooked together with coconut milk. I love this stuff.
sai mai lo

Moon cake with lotus paste and egg yolk. I love lotus paste but usually avoid the yolk. This stuff is so unhealthy but so nostalgic for me.

Piggy cookie/cake thing.
pig cookie

Filled with lotus paste. The cookie was nice and dense.. and had a spicy ginger flavor. I thought it was a whole pig with legs! I was tricked..
pig cookie cut

The last lantern we had saved from previous years. Most of the old ones were set on fire by accident.. oops! As children, we had really elaborate and beautiful ones like butterflies and fish.

The moon. This was actually taken tonight because it was really cloudy last night.


4 Responses to “Mid-Autumn Festival”

  1. Patty September 16, 2008 at 8:40 pm #

    i love sai mai lo! i made it in china once without taro because we couldn’t find any. my suite mates cut up some fruit instead, but it was still just as good (although the texture was a bit weird, haha)

  2. cindy September 17, 2008 at 3:22 am #

    i always thought that giant citrus fruit WAS a grapefruit. :O

    and does wordpress allow you to choose whether or not to enable comments from people not signed in? I can’t comment on Patty’s blog

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