Mom’s Homemade Mooncake

7 Sep

My mom tried her hand at making her own moon cakes since the lunar festival is coming up next Sunday 9/14. Go out, light some lanterns and enjoy some mooncake!

This version is called bing pei, or iced skin if translated literally, because they have a snowy looking exterior. I love the wrapping actually, it’s like a soft mochi skin. Inside is something that looks like red bean paste but it’s not. I actually don’t know what exactly it is but I don’t like it much. Some kind of sweet paste or another.

mooncake all

Aren’t they pretty though? My mom used cookie cutters and my onigiri molds to make them actually. Kinda funny, the cherry blossom onigiri mold worked the best because the ridges kept it from getting stuck.

mooncake cut

Best when refrigerated overnight after making it.

mooncake piece


One Response to “Mom’s Homemade Mooncake”

  1. Ms.___2 be! September 7, 2008 at 8:28 am #

    yea… they look like rice mold but always cool to try out new things…hehe

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