Potluck feast!

18 Aug

The majority of my cousins on my mother’s side live in NYC and we’re all within a pretty close age range. So it’s really nice when we all find time out of our busy lives to meet up as a group and we manage to do that twice a year – during summer break and during the winter holiday season. Of course, most of our events include food. This year we had a potluck at one of my cousin’s house where everyone brought a dish. We had a fun time eating, chatting, playing video games and watching Harold and Kumar 2. Here are the pictures of all the yummy foods we had. I made the empanadas so you will find the recipe in the next post. They were so good hot out of the oven.

Picture of the table.

jap chae
Wendy’s Korean Jap Chae (sp?) with beef and veggies.

Patty’s pizza bagel’s with pineapple, bell peppers, and onions.

Lisa’s Chinese stir-fry with broccoli, shrimp and fish balls.

Willa’s lasagna rolls with turkey, basil, roasted red pepper and breadcrumb stuffing.

Jason’s spam musubi.

Raymond’s chicken quesadillas.

Cindy’s fudgey brownies.

Wilson’s dessert featuring vanilla ice cream, strawberries, graham cracker crust and whipped cream.

hot crab dip
My hot crab dip made from a seasoning packet purchased in Canada.

hot crab dip box

And my chorizo empanadas being eaten by the domokun cap.

All the girl cousins: Lisa, me, Wendy, Willa, Cindy, Patty. They guys were playing video games.


2 Responses to “Potluck feast!”

  1. Anna August 18, 2008 at 4:39 pm #

    Wow. All the food looks great!


  1. Food for Thought « Patty Lee - August 21, 2008

    […] reunion last Sunday. For a sampling of the food we each made for the potluck, visit Eula’s blog. I lost my pictures while using my memory card to test a kiddie camera at […]

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