10 Aug

cupcakes yingying

Yesterday was my good friend’s birthday so we celebrated by getting dimsum in Chinatown. I made her some cupcakes along with her gift because her invitations had cupcakes on them. Since she likes banana flavoring I made banana cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World but I used what ingredients I had on hand so they’re not vegan. I also bought new piping tips to make buttercream roses but it didn’t work. =( My buttercream was way too soft and it basically melted. So I kinda piped on some flat flowers instead. They’re not that pretty but hey I tried.

cupcakes yingying top

Someone also bought some vegan cupcakes for her (ironic because the birthday girl is not vegan or vegetarian). The cupcakes were from a bakery called Babycakes and they looked super cute. I loved the box. I wasn’t impressed with their cupcakes or frosting flavors or textures. It was so crumbly and more like a corn muffin! At least mine were light and fluffy and has real bananas.

Babycake cupcakes.

Isn’t it so pretty though?

We ate at Golden Bridge Restaurant on Bowery St. The food was not impressive at all but the service was good.


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